To my Follower

Thank you for visiting my posts. Hidden within my unorganized and chaotic articles are prayers to God, my Heavenly Father is who I call upon.

To guide my right hand and judge my heart. My fear of offending God is strong . Offending God with my own fear of my enemy.

I call upon God to bless this pen and guide my right hand. This is not about religious traditions of mankind.

This is one of numerous sites that I have given back to God for all that God has given me.

I hope to hear from you about your thoughts on whatever subject matter brought you here.

Thank you for visiting. I am sorting through this to hopefully reorganize and simplify the subjects into categories. Thank you so much for your time and kindness.

Connie Ford Johnson. C.L.Ford

Dear Heavenly Father

I had a question for my Heavenly Father.

For the children who have been so loved and lost, but chosen to be with such great favor to hear that unmistakable voice in their hearts.

To the one who is set apart from the world and seeking for answers,

Well I don’t know the answer you are searching for  but I have great knowledge that most people can find exactly what they want to see.   Or move on till its found to be acceptable to them.

I am not an exception to this.

It all comes down to a choice

The hard cold truth .

The comfortable middle.

The bliss of total dismissal of the whole subject.

Can my way of belief be totally changed ?

No.   I take it to be a personal and private decision to make on my own place in life.

Faith is not free of worry  .     Doubt that brings guilt for going against the world and even against the ones who have raised you, is not easy. .

It’s okay to be with questions ab  religious beliefs and traditions.

But you have been gathered to me and set apart for a reason . I hope I can comfort you and you can draw courage to continue to sow seeds and preserve the words hidden in your own heart.



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I find myself searching for others who stood where others have fallen. I see the child inside a full grown adult that will never forget those who were unable to escape. Some who had no where to escape to. some who choose to die , grieving their lost innocence . those who had no more tears to cry.

Dear Heavenly Father stretch forth your hand as your children rise from the rubble and ash .

In the name of Christian charity your children are bought and sold. Both the young and the old.

Houston teen takes own life after surviving sex-trafficking

Those who understand. At this moment , I am alive. To live or to die. This is a choice given to all the children who God gathered to be his own. As a child I thought like a child. Even though I walked in the valley of the shadow of death. The children who went before me sat where I was sitting. I was taken where they were taken. I was bound in the chains that bound them. I seen what they saw. I could hear what they heard . They endured till God removed their souls from their flesh and their bodies were destroyed by the evil in the hearts of mankind. They died where I, where we , survived.. Just as the forgotten child of YESTERDAY lives .. The forgotten child of YESTERDAY, dies . and some choose to die , knowing that another child is now bound by the same chains.. So as I live ,, I continue on. . My opinions are not affiliated nor endorsed with the linked article

Vengeance on the Wicked

Vengeance on the Wicked 15 [a] Speak in the ears of my people the words of the prophecy that I will put in your mouth, says the Lord, 2 and cause them to be written on paper; for they are trustworthy and true. 3 Do not fear the plots against you, and do not be troubled by the unbelief of those who oppose you. 4 For all unbelievers shall die in their unbelief.[b] 5 Beware, says the Lord, I am bringing evils upon the world, the sword and famine, death and destruction, 6 because iniquity has spread throughout every land, and their harmful doings have reached their limit. 7 Therefore, says the Lord, 8 I will be silent no longer concerning their ungodly acts that they impiously commit, neither will I tolerate their wicked practices. Innocent and righteous blood cries out to me, and the souls of the righteous cry out continually. 9 I will surely avenge them, says the Lord, and will receive to myself all the innocent blood from among them. 10 See, my people are being led like a flock to the slaughter; I will not allow them to live any longer in the land

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I have tirelessly and persistently requested mercy and closure for the children. My heart is broken to relive the memories. everyday I scream out for your children taken by the very same people who took me. We are not all dead.. just invisible — C.L. FORD (@Iamclford2121) October 6, 2019 My #requestformercy remains denied […]

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Connie Ford Johnson


The smallest of all three me”s

is in my youngest memories..

In the green pastures i will forever find her there …

Beside the still waters she plays without a care…

By her tiny right hand God led her to this place…

He let her little body fall
And set a choice all Gods children face…

No words were spoken by her Heavenly Father that fleshy ears would hear…

Her soul was gathered in God’s love that innocently was without fear…

He gave her the choice of live or to die..

She chose to live and she told her Heavenly Father why..

She knew by death … here she would remain..

In the presence of God’s love .. no words can explain..

She answered
“” i would like to live so i can play””

God restored her soul. By his gift of life. …is the very breath she breathed..

Where she had fallen as dead upon the grass ..

Her first death has come to pass…

God opened her eyes
She was able to see…
There was no veil to divide….

God opened her ears to hear.. upon her heart he wrote his law for her life she would abide..

He planted a seed and its hidden in her heart…

Such a gift found in the words she sews….

In Gods love she continues to grow….