Dear Heavenly Father…

This is my first post on this blog site   

I am not going to preach religion. 

I am not wise to such things. 

My wisdom is full of foolishness of my own mind. 

In the fear of offending God, I give you my testimony of my heart. 

I do not have the vanity to be with the praises and Amen’s of the like minded people who gather together and judge me as delusional and even blasphemous. 

I love the Lord my God,  he is my Heavenly Father,  He is the living God, 

His presence in my life is unmistakable and indescribable.   

Such fear comes upon me to speak of things that I do not have any knowledge of. 

Who can say that they have a great knowledge above all else to say to you, or me,  that you can not question what has been so long ago,  from generation to generation, passed down and  taught to children to be accepted . .  

It’s clearly written and memorized,  plucked from the context and you can not question it. 

My testimony is mine. 

God is not hidden from me . Many look but only few will see. .  

My heart is humble to be with such great favor to hear that unmistakable voice in my heart.   

Schizophrenia? No . Maybe ,   to some who  like to think that  I am the only one accountable for my words. .   Because some of them are not going to be accountable and judgement will not be from the highest point of heaven , above the snake line.   

But for me to come to you with this seed , as a sinner who is not washed in the blood of the lamb.  I am responsible for your soul. 

I will be accountable for my own life and my choices are, to me, in my faith,  comes down to  choose one.  

To choose from life and death.  I see a difference between man’s law,  and what is clearly written in the living word of God. .   No matter how much the versions are rewritten and the words that are omitted from , or added to,   the books,     the law of God, passed down from Moses ,are  set in stone in my heart.   

Do I claim to be perfect in every aspect of my life? No . 

Who am I to speak with you?  

For too many words can make you weary.  . Looking for something to say what you want to hear.   To seek out confirmation from others with like minded thoughts.

     Separated from the world.

Separated from my  home ,  ,  God walked with me.  .  ,   I was not lost , God held my hand.  ,  when it was cold , he sheltered me,    the misfortunes of the streets and the ones  called beggars , prostitutes and thieves,  ,  .. junkies  , whores and bums  ,     they were angels camped  all around me,    those who had nothing ,  clothed me , fed me and took me in.     ,   I thank God  for them. 

For their life was so dismissed as wasted ,  not up to the standards of many church going men.  

But I saw them as they were.  They were poor but had plenty to share. .    I will never forget the kindness  of their hearts.  

   I am a sinner.  God still saves me. 

I don’t expect you to  read this word for word.   If anyone has gotten this far with me  , then you can see where I have come from.   

And I don’t know where I am going with this seed, but in faith  , I choose to honor God with my testimony.   .

 For his mercy has been so bestowed upon me to speak with you. .  So many people have fallen on the road I have walked on.  My choices have been made mostly by my own selfishness and worldly comforts with no thoughts or thanks to the one who has been with me,  

God waited for me.  .  …. 


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