First blog post

I had a question for my Heavenly Father.

For the children who have been so loved and lost, but chosen to be with such great favor to hear that unmistakable voice in their hearts.

To the one who is set apart from the world and seeking for answers,

Well I don’t know the answer you are searching for  but I have great knowledge that most people can find exactly what they want to see.   Or move on till its found to be acceptable to them.

I am not an exception to this.

It all comes down to a choice

The hard cold truth .

The comfortable middle.

The bliss of total dismissal of the whole subject.

Can my way of belief be totally changed ?

No.   I take it to be a personal and private decision to make on my own place in life.

Faith is not free of worry  .     Doubt that brings guilt for going against the world and even against the ones who have raised you, is not easy. .

It’s okay to be with questions ab  religious beliefs and traditions.

But you have been gathered to me and set apart for a reason . I hope I can comfort you and you can draw courage to continue to sow seeds and preserve the words hidden in your own heart.




4 thoughts on “First blog post

    • Take up your courage and remember that pain is forgotten by the flesh …

      The spirit is not broken …
      Death is powerless over the written word.. ..

      My life mattered to no one..

      My death is forgotten flesh…

      My life is in every single word I have written to you.. .

      As God’s promises come to pass .. and children are gathered and strategically scattered ..

      God knows where you are.
      He created this world..

      He knew where I would be …

      Many will look .. for what I leave behind…

      If God finds it wise and true ….

      This seed will be harvested for you..

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  1. When I stand up for change and face the bullet will my death send Americans back into blindness..??

    Nancy Shaffer knew it has to stop…

    I am one of a million over the past 30 years of government funded programs for sex predators to enslave and rape our children .. boys and girls traded internationally by our own court government made court rules … yet our individual state level officials say they can not interfere….

    Well I say we the people.
    can vote on it…

    I survived to die for my brothers and sisters still being raped and sold in America and across the pond… …

    What you don’t realise Mr. untouchable is you are getting old and your sons and daughters are spoiled . . recklessly blinded by the profits of silent tears
    Of children brutally raped and eventually murdered.

    This organization is as old as religion… catholic and Christian… churches..

    No wonder eastern religion covers their women..

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  2. I sit still … I cry for children I have never met..

    We hear the news and see how one dies speaking out to expose our own politicians. Elected to control our countries greatest commodity…

    Import and export of our children for sex ..

    How sad is that? Where are the thousands of children who have recently been rescued from Florida to California?

    Where are the children?

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