Where are you?

Dear Heavenly Father,  

Hold my hand and guide my heart.  These things are such a great blessing. I am so thankful for the favor of your mercy. To have you single me out to be able to hear your voice in my heart. To be with the fear of offending you for only you can destroy my soul  .   

I do not know what my seeds will be for your purpose of reaching out to your children who are chosen to hear your voice. 

But I have faith to declare the words of encouragement from my own life and my choices have  been made solely on my own faith.  

I am not one to say that I am worthy because I have been so long separated myself from you with my fleshly desires and still you have saved me.  Dear Father my heart is heavy for the fear of being with this seed in my heart.
I continue to declare you as my sovereign and most high God   . I don’t declare to be with the knowledge of  what is your will. 

 But I have great comfort from those who have chosen to obey the words you have hidden in the hearts of the prophets of old. For the words that were written so long ago and today they are alive in the world.

Who is this testimony to reach out to?  Who will hear from me and receive the same comforting and continue with the faith to do what you have put upon their own hearts?

The world has rejected the words that are written and the children are not raised in the fear of you, the traditional way of man and religion is  not teaching your love,  your anger and wrath of the old testaments are not known to be with ones who have been exposed  to the forgiveness of sins and the religious beliefs of being with a pardon from the judgment of our souls  

To be put in the world to write about the teachings and reject the world and the religious traditions that are so misused by man.

To be left feeling so alone and knowledge of how much you want to be with ones who have been chosen to hear your voice.

You are not hidden from the world. 

Your presence is unmistakable and indescribable. 

The enemy is real and invisible to me. But I have great fear of the one who has been so long seeking to destroy my words and I have been so fearful of my life. Yes it is a trial of my faith and I have been weak.  

Yet I still carry on with my work   no matter how hard it is to be understood by the ones who don’t fear the Lord my Heavenly Father.  The one true God.  

I have been exposed to the choice of life and death. 

I see that the teachings of man is the best example of the choice I have made. 

We are gathering to hear the word of the ones who are saved by the one who has received the wrath of God for all the souls to be saved.  

I don’t declare that I have great knowledge of things that I do not know. 

I just see the choice to be separated from the world and the religious beliefs are not acceptable to me. 

Man has not heard anything about the purpose of the one who was crucified for the sins of the world. 

But the Heavenly Father is not silent to those who seek out the  truth and understanding of how to serve him.

Those who realize that the teachings that man has been with ,   is not the same as the teachings that brought the wrath and crucifixion of the one who has been so long ago used ,  to deceive us to be a Sunday morning sermon on the way to be saved from eternal fire. 

A wooden idol is bowed down to and I have been so fearful to speak of such things. For the works of Jesus was to make it clear to the people that it was wrong to do this in the churches. 

And the Idol makers were angry for the threat of losing wages for the labor of crafting for the comforting to those who seek out the images to worship.. 

But the world does not make it a Sunday morning sermon on such scriptures that I speak of. But it is still available and preserved by man and clearly written. 

For those who seek out the truth about such things. 

I do stand firm in the world to write about my personal conflicts and I will continue to declare that I have known one God   .  There is no mediator between us and I don’t declare that I have great knowledge above all man.  I actually don’t know anything about the mind of God,  but I do love the Lord my Heavenly Father and I have great fear of offending God to be with vanity and pride in my life. For the works of my hands I will be accountable for.  

I am sharing this in my faith .  To honor the one who has created me,  and saved me from the foolishness of my life.  I thank God for the blessings in my life   . All the praise and worship belong to him. 

I am not sure if this is still available . but it’s still in my heart so I will continue to spread it around.
I have not been able to access my writings and google can’t delete all that is shared   . 
It’s funny sometimes to look for something you know was there and then not able to find it again.   

Then   …… boom…… there it is preserved for your eyes only. 😒😤

So it seems at the time. .      I have much to share for encouraging comfort and peace to all who are  feeling so alone.


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