My dear sister

I have made my books of remembrance.

You have read some of my works. But without faith my words are not going to be accepted as a worthy offering. 

I ask for guidance from my Heavenly Father to work through me and  let my words shine through the darkness and I have been so fearful of the serpent spirit that  attacks me and tests my faith.

That’s how I know that I am sewing the seeds of my love for my Heavenly Father. 

I have had questions about the teachings of Jesus in my heart.  I don’t declare that I am with knowledge of what is the only way to know God.   

But I see that the teachings of Jesus is not the same as the teachings that man has been so long ago and today is teaching.    

Man has been so busy today to acknowledge the  crucifixion of Christ .

   the lesson I have been exposed to is the personal experience of my of the one true God,    who I’ve always known in my heart,   and Jesus  who is so relied upon as the  Savior of the world.   
I don’t declare that I have a great knowledge above all things that are not known to be known.  

For who can say that knowledge is   the interpretation of one’s own mind   

I know that I have known my Heavenly Father’s voice in my heart.   

But I didn’t know who Jesus was. But I knew there was a difference between them    .

So I asked for understanding of what I was feeling.   The first commandment to love only God, and make no image to worship. 

So I  began to study and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The words of wisdom and knowledge to  understand the parables that are so misused by the greed of many   

That’s when my trial of my heart began.

So I asked Jesus and the words that are written are not hidden from those who seek out confirmation .

Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world. Yes I believe that. The anger of God released upon him  so we could have a choice to choose from life and death. 

To be left with the responsibility of our own freewill.     

Jesus said to me, as I understand   that I have known my Heavenly Father , and I asked  nothing from Jesus nor have I prayed in his name. 

I could only be able to thank God, and praise him for the blessings of mercy on my life.  For the favor of my safety and security and the words that are hidden in my heart. 

I have lived in the world and I have many fleshly desires and I have  not been sober and my disobedience has not been unpunished.  

For the choice is  between life and death.

I see my trial of my life and faith to see why I was different from the world and I didn’t believe I wasn’t going to be accountable for my own sins  

Who can save me but God? The God who created me  ? The life of my soul is the breath of life God gave me.  

The one who is above all things that are seen and unseen. 

I don’t expect to be like a Angel in heaven.

I expect to be as a child and dwell on the mountain  as his own and he will be my God and I will be his child..   

To be left feeling like I have something to share with the ones who don’t know what is missing.  That something is not quite right in their own hearts . 

Jesus is my wetness to my faith and my heart.   He spoke to me and I continue to declare that I have no true  knowledge of the way to be saved from eternal fire  . 

I don’t declare that I have been judged worthy to be left in the peacefulness of the grave.   To be in  eternal sleep . But I do have a great testimony of the love and presence of the one true God,   that is not hidden from those who seek him.   

He is waiting for us to call upon him  

He is waiting for us to  teach our children to hear his voice.  To live in a moral standard that is not impossibly difficult.

Perfect we can never be. It’s not about the Sunday attending traditions.. it’s within our hearts to look up to the sky and thank God for the beauty . To be conscience of my sins, know the difference between right and wrong..

Good things come and bad things happen to all people ,  regardless of who they are , or how they live.   But I don’t pray for myself to be with worldly things. I pray for guidance to serve in the purpose of the will of God,   whatever that may be.  

To teach the words that Jesus died for.  To observe the law given by Moses.    To worship God , our Heavenly Father .  That is not acceptable to most of the world.   But for me I  fear to offend the Lord my God, so I remain humble and remember that I don’t have the answer to the salvation of mankind.   


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