My testimony of the serpent spirit and fear

Dear Heavenly Father, guide my right hand and see not my left. See the truth in my heart and soul as I  sew the seeds of my  testimonies to be left in the world to be with the ones who are searching  for  comfort and peace . 

To be with the understanding of hearing the voice of God in my heart and soul is not  a burden and I am not a prisoner. 

I don’t know anything about the mind of God, or how to get forgiveness of my own sins. , but I do have a different understanding than most of the ones that are not going to be accountable for their own lives. 

For me to ask for forgiveness of my sins , would be wasted words unless I am ashamed of myself and have no intention of returning to the sin. 

And I would have to really consider the consequences of my actions and have great fear of God’s anger and wrath upon my disobedience. 

For I have fleshly desires and I don’t declare that I am with great power to restrain myself from simple pleasures in my life. 

But for me and my personal relationship with my God, my Heavenly Father,is not without wisdom and the trial that leads to my judgement is not to be escaped. 

I don’t have a title of my religious beliefs because I don’t declare to belong to a religion. 

I don’t gather up myself on Sunday morning and sit down with the world’s most practical teachings of the way to salvation. 
I have sin of my life and my choices are not hidden from my One true God , nor is my sins hidden from the one who tries so hard to find me in my weakness and test my faith in the promise of God to be with me and I remain , as of this moment, with the faith to testify to you.

Now that serpent spirit I speak of is so persistent about distracting me from my own testimonies  as I continue preserving the words of my heart. 

This great fear came upon me when I started to question the world and the religious beliefs of Jesus being same as God,  or how I couldn’t accept the Trinity and the cross is unacceptable for me to bow down to and pray to the works of man’s hands as my saviour.

The cross is same to me as a golden calf. 

Everything is fine because Jesus suffered the wrath of God and died for our sins and that’s it. Unquestionably non negotiable and that’s the only way!!!!


Well I don’t know anything about that belief but I do know that presence in my heart is unmistakable and I have great knowledge of the commandment given me by Moses from the one  who created me. .

I was judged by man as delusional and even blasphemous for my testimonies of my heart.   
So the trial of my faith  came to me as a serpent spirit  and I could not escape from this torment as I was going through the darkness and seeking truth  

 The devil comes to steal the words that are hidden in my heart.   Even the words that I share with you are only going to be seen by those who  are to carry on with the seeds if found worthy and true , Gods will alone will lead me to you. 

So I fight for you to be above the snake line and the words are hidden in your own heart and are your words to describe the feeling that is the testimony of your life and love and fear of offending God.
I’m glad you have found me and I will be available for any kind of counseling together.     It’s not easy to realize the importance of our choices and declare it publicly.   Witness to my works  


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