to my two followers

I have took some time to go through some posts and I will say that I don’t try to know things that can never be known by  any one . I don’t declare that my thoughts are  with wisdom and knowledge of the way of God or how I am doing the will of God by my own works.
That is vanity and pride in my self to put myself in the pulpit and teach anyone else things that I do not know. 

But I can only testify that you are in my thoughts  .   I have great fear of offending God.   

A fear that I may mislead you by my own thoughts and feelings about the teachings of man.  

The world has rejected me and I continue to declare the words of encouragement from my own heart and soul. 

I love the Lord my God he is my Heavenly Father.

So I am curious about what you are searching for,   

I have been so long separated myself from the world and I have been judged as delusional and even blasphemous for my testimonies of my heart.

I see a difference between the two , God is the only one that I have knowledge of. 

Knowledge of his presence in my life and my heart and soul.

He has wiped away my tears when I was with a broken heart.    Not the same as a broken heart of a losing my boyfriend to another girl, but the heart breaking loss of a child,    he prepares my heart and soul and his voice is unmistakable and indescribable to any one who has not heard it. 

No you are not my sister ,    but one of my two witnesses .         

I spent many decades busy with my own life and my choices have been made by my freewill,  but I testify that I have not been anywhere that God did not know I would be. 

To you who are still with me I have a great testimony and my heart is not  burdened with the foolishness of religion.

I believe that the teachings of man is not the same as the written word of Gods chosen people.

I come to you with this seed and the trial of my faith is the best thing I can share  

To understand the concept is not teaching your own interpretation of scriptures that are taken out of context. 

Will you hear the word of God spoken to you and realize that God is the living God and his word is alive  and is not hidden from those who seek to be with him. 

When I say it is spoken to you I literally mean that it is written by  someone who was just like you or me.  ,   to be read as a personal message for you to receive.  

Preserved in the world and the holy Bible, no matter how much the version changes by the way of man,   it is  where the guidance is found. 

But the majority of the vain and the most righteous  that are  gathered up on Sunday will recite to you the words that are clearly written to declare  there is no other way to see it. 

But if you continue to read the whole chapter in full context you will have a great knowledge above all things considered to be truth. 

For your own heart and soul is seeking to find God.   But you have been given the choice to be separated from the foolishness of religion and the trial will be upon you. 


If you really are  searching you will get the wisdom that is the Holy Spirit,  one of  the two  witnesses of the works of man ,  as for Jesus to be with the ones who are  given to him and he is their Shepard and I have been so fearful of God to declare that I don’t know anything about Jesus, except for what is taught by man. 

Are you conflicted about the  idols in the world? 

I don’t know anything about the purpose of the ones who are saved by the way of the cross. 

I see that the teachings of Jesus is not the same as the teachings that man has been handing down from generation to generation. 

Are you still with me?  I will not apologize for offending anyone who wants to go against my testimony. I am not seeking a great following nor do I expect to see the harvest of my seeds. 

For my Heavenly Father is the only one that can save me or destroy the very soul that was his  breath that gave me life  . 

I don’t ask for forgiveness of my own fleshly desires, for if I asked for forgiveness and strength to keep a sober and sexless life that would mean that I would not return to the sin . 

But if I get a little tipsy before I go to sleep I’m not ashamed to enjoy the feeling  and I meditate on the word of God.   No evil intent to seek out mischief in my heart. 

So the battle is not the existence of sin that is so judged wrong by man and man is not the same as God. 

Don’t get me wrong I see that some things are flat out wrong , morally wrong and God has not tolerated my disobedience to the commandment given to me by my own heart and soul I have been punished as promised. 

But I was not  destroyed and  I can only acknowledge the love of god in my heart has brought me his mercy . 

So unworthy I thought I was. But now I have a great fear and even some sinful pride in my works. 

To be with courage you have to have faith , that comes with confidence and a fixed heart. 

If you look at the above mentioned subject to the religious beliefs of Jesus being same as God, I have to stand up for God as the only one who I give my life to,  

 only  the one who created this world   

As for my uncertainty of the one who has been sent to the world to receive the wrath of God for the sins of the world,  

  I am not going to say that I believe that I am not going to be accountable for myself and my choices are not hidden from my God  

But I don’t think that Jesus is the same as the God I have known as my Heavenly Father. 

No matter what the world believes I believe that I don’t know why I’m the only one who sees the words of the ones who have questioned Jesus  , and were answered with parables and left for the one that was asking to answer for themselves. 

Who do they say I am?   But the one child was clearly answered in Mathew but no one else will hear that in the Sunday morning sermon. 

So I don’t care to worry about the things I do not know , nor ever will be with understanding of.  

So if you find yourself still here with me  I would love to hear about your experience and feelings about God . 

Without strife or judgment and definitely not foolish debate of why I’m wrong and everyone else is right  

Cause I don’t know  what is the mind of God, but I do know  his presence in my heart,    in my mornings , in my evenings , and even right now this very moment ,   in the night watch , 

My  two followers ,  like the two sisters,  one will be silent and go her own way,  , the other will be left behind in the world  and  call upon the Lord that her sister is gone on her own way.   

I’m sure this is written, I’ve read it several times,  ,(

 I don’t build my own interpretation with a  verse  picked out here and there,  but I have written from my heart to my two followers,     

For my simple  testimonies of my life and my obedience to sew the seed,  

For I am a humbled when I go into the world and the Lord God  confirms  truth , 

  he created me,  and I carry the seed to the one  ,  out of the thousands , only one that was chosen to carry it on. 

The one who is silent and   innocent of doing any wrong, ,

  for the law of their fathers   is taught to them,        it is moral and they are kind and loving and continue to pray   , and gather on the chosen day ,   

they have no question about the  one who  didn’t stay,   to the sister , or brother , that they couldn’t save,  

So they gather all the members to  pray for the one that they believe has gone astray by leaving the house of worship, 

the teachers are quick  to give wisdom and single them out to pray ,   but when they walk away,   no one wonders where  they are going,  or why  they don’t want to stay.   

They  don’t want to talk about any other way,   they teach only what they’re fathers  were taught to say, 

And for them they belong to the god that they made,    they are kind and caring  teaching the world to accept that  they are saved . 

  Innocent as Adam and Eve  ,    as our own children are easily deceived  ,    even today we see the broken heart of discovering that Santa is you and me,   

 The very first lie ever told ,  to get eve to disobey the command given to them  by the only God they have known  ,  was that lie that  They would not surely die, but be like God and have wisdom . 

So eve  ate it and did not die,  and Adam also believed the lie. ,   but the one thing that was protecting  them was destroyed by the first lie,   just as God warned Adam and eve to obey the law , the one thing to not go near  ,    

And for the one who is here , at the end of this proverb,  even   though I may be long ago perished and returned to the earth,     of  that  our flesh was made, ,

To cover the nakedness ,  the knowledge from   the  forbidden fruit was promised to bring,   and the knowledge of the lie told   by the wisest and most beautiful of  the creatures that our eyes can no longer see,  

 for the serpent  was also accountable, 

 for  God  cherished  Adam and eve , above the Heavenly hosts  created before   Adam and eve,   my works are done with obedience and the   love of my Heavenly Father ,  from childhood , the written word has led me. 

To carry on to be gathered with you, right now,   to be obedient and unable to be deceived,   for the knowledge passed down from Adam and eve, ,  to Seth to  Moses to Methuselah to Noah the God of Abraham,  Isaac , and Jacob    

The God  that saved   those who remained  faithful to the law given to Moses  then out of the wilderness  by obedience Moses  delivered  the law given to the children of Israel, to the priests 

from the chosen tribe of Levi  there are those who are even today  the scribes, 

 This is not knowledge unknown to us .

But interpretation is only in the hearts and minds of mankind. 

The first lie ,    we now can not deny that everyone we know and love will die   

This is where I am responsible for the seed I sew into your heart. 

For the forbidden fruit was knowledge, 

The knowledge  of good and bad brings the fear,  

The fear is the beginning of knowledge of our freewill to choose from life and death   

For you now have ears that hear,  if you understand , then you have understanding ,  

And  I chose life,  the life is in the written word , the word of  the living God ,  God of the living,  and I sewed this seed into the world while I was alive ,  

for only God saved me by my obedience and the love in my heart ,

 I may  be long perished in the world and yet alive in the word   and you by the will of God   will carry on this seed , for there is one child of God who will come after you and me.   


6 thoughts on “  to my two followers

  1. All I can do is point you to the word of God. The bible is filled with answers to your questions and points, but we must take the whole bible for truth and in proper context. Only relying on one part or portion will lead to deception. Just to touch on a couple of points you made…If we believe and accept Jesus as Savior and Lord he does not leave us to give an account for ourselves. Romans 8:34 shows us that he is at the right hand of God making intercession for us. Those who believe and accept him as Savior is covered under his blood. That is the only way we can confidently come to God without fear of condemnation. We don’t have a terrified fear of God’s wrath/judgement, but a reverential fear because of the grace that has been given to us through Christ Jesus. Yes, there is an inheritance promised, but it is only obtained in Christ. If you don’t accept him in his full deity and what he has done then you won’t receive it. There is no way around it, we all will bow and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord (Philippians 2:6-11), it’s up to each individual if they willingly bow now or do so at judgement. I rather bow now, because at judgement it will be to late. Jesus is not dead he is alive…that is what makes life worth living and him worthy to be praised!


    • Pushed wrong button……

      Jesus accepted me and my faith was tested for so long.

      Jesus spoke with me in my heart in the written word. .

      Jesus witnessed my trial and declared that he has been with me in my life.
      He said that I have never asked for anything in his name .
      He declared that I have remained faithful in my heart and my obedience to serve my one true God ,

      Jesus comforted me and declared that he has been with me in my life.

      No matter how hard it was to be under attack and on trial, being judged by man for the lack of knowledge of the traditional way of religion.

      I testify to you, for you are a teacher of the children.

      Jesus Christ died for me to be able to know the Heavenly Father.

      Jesus came to me with the knowledge that I have been searching for. He said that he found my heart to be true and faithful to the Heavenly Father.

      The serpent spirit that I had been in battle , with sincerity in my heart, to receive the truth about the difference between God and Jesus , because I know the voice of God in my heart, and I knew that Jesus was not the mediator between me and my Heavenly Father.

      So I didn’t understand why people thought that Jesus was God, so I accepted that I had no knowledge nor wisdom to the mind of God,

      I accepted that I was different from the world and gave my heart to God and only to God.

      Jesus came to me and I knew that he was sent to comfort me and my battle was over.

      I give you my testimony and I have great faith that God chose you to receive it and witness the works of my hands. For the children that are chosen and given to you .

      Jesus found me and my faith in God, he declared that he was leaving me to give account to my Heavenly Father . He declared that I was to receive what God had given him,

      He said that the spirit of truth would come to be with me , . It was a long hard fight for me to come to this tribulation .

      So yes you are so kind and humble to me, even though I have been vain.

      But I am not with knowledge and understanding that is vanity and pride.

      I share with you this gift , that wisdom has been with me, wisdom is a treasure and her knowledge is from the beginning.

      Am I wise?? No.

      Who can say that knowledge is given to them to be without doubt that they know the mind of God?

      But you remember my testimony, and for the one child that is set apart from the others , that stands before you , remember that God has chosen those that belong to him,

      Teaching is a great responsibility. So I send them to God. Who can teach them but the one who created them to be obedient to him.

      Do you have any questions for me?

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      • Thank you for sharing your heart and testimony with me. I agree as a teacher my goal is always to turn the children to the Father. I’m simply the messenger, the instrument, the vessel…and I count it a honor and privilege to serve the One True God in this capacity. Not taking it for granted. I have no questions at this time, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Thanks again☺


  2. I believe my reply to your comment on my post suffices for this one as well. I too have began to reject the knowledge of men for that of God. Not all I was taught incorrect, but there is a differnece in having information and truly knowing for yourself. Jesus spoke against the evil of religion by the Pharisees and Saducees numerous amounts of times. As he said they honored him with their lips, but their heart was far from him. I look forward to learning and growing with you. I pray that your heart and mind remains open for God to consistently reveal himself (and Christ) to you and to fulfill the seek that is in you. I pray that you begin to have boldness through him.

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    • Jesus said that he has always been with me. Jesus said that he was with me and my faith in God has not been moved. Jesus said that I have never asked for anything in his name. And he was leaving me to give account for me to my Heavenly Father. Jesus said that he was given an inheritance from God and it has been given to me by the promise of God to his chosen and faithful people. Jesus said when he leaves me to bear witness to my trials only then can the spirit of truth be with me. That was has been many years ago. So what do you think you can do to help me? Who can teach me how to serve and honor God? Who is silent at the moment I have declared that the Lord my God is the only one who judge me. There is no God that is equal to him there is no savior but him . The words that are chosen to be seen. That’s what the world can see. They say that Jesus Christ died for me to live, no he died so I could have life with God. Jesus died for the churches he intruded in and for the message he spoke that is written but still it is not seen. I am no teacher , I would not want to be responsible for misleading a child. , but I just now realized that the children of God are separated and scattered throughout the world and God leads them. We are gathering and the day I stand up for the works of my hands I can say that I have no knowledge nor wisdom to teach anything about the way a child should be directed , that my seeds produced food for the children that are chosen to receive it will be there for those who will never bow to useless lifeless image of a dead savior made by man and expect it to lead them any where except back to the dirt it grew in. . My God is alive in the word. And I was prepared for those who have been so blessed to be with me and all my questions and knowledge is only what I feel in my heart.


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