We are gathering

Who can say that they have knowledge of  the mind of God, ?

I get angry and sad at the same time when I start listening  ,(as well as reading);  the words that are posted by the  self proclaimed ministers of the ones that have a great following and the like minded thoughts are are in the of the deaf and blind   …… 

 I must stop my words and the anger of my heart .   …..

Dear Heavenly Father,  bless this book  to truth and guide my right hand and see not my left.    Let my words be confirmed for truth and let not my  own thoughts deceive your children. . Still my mind and let me speak with my heart   .     

Father I pray to you with the knowledge that this will be seen by those who you gather to hear me.  

Father , I get angry and I will continue to sow seeds in the world.

I will not be ashamed of myself for the fear of offending you, 

The world has rejected you and  some are so innocently being deceived . From generation to generation to generation this law is the law of man and religion is  determined by the house they were born in. .    Father bless this book to truth and only by your will it be   revealed to those you have chosen to  receive it. …….

To you who are reading this

 this is how I feel about the teachings of man.    Only God knows my heart. 

There is a comforter who was sent to me as I was going out of my  mind to be with understanding of what is and is not the same as the written word of God  

The first stage of my understanding came out from the books of wisdom from the old testaments written so long ago and today they are alive,  

  once I began to receive the answers that I was seeking, , not just the scriptures that are taken out of context and used to be repeated over and over again to be the  Sunday morning sermon. 

But the wisdom that stirred up fear in my heart.    The  understanding of the fact that I  , or any other soul  upon this earth,  can never even imagine what is the mind , or will , or purpose of anything that is beyond my sight , smell and touch. 

Wisdom came to laugh at my foolishness of my  fear that came to me choosing to  hear that unmistakable voice in my heart.  Well I’m wrong here because I did not choose to  listen to God,   God chose me to hear his voice and disobedience was not acceptable,   there was no where to run , there was no where to hide .  

And the trial of my heart began   . The enemy came persistently tormenting me and  I felt no peace,   but I continued on with my determination .

and the words that were written upon my heart I spent years in solitude writing my own thoughts and prayers to leave for the children who have been chosen to obey the words of God and receive the wisdom that belongs to them  , given only to be left in their own hearts and carry on with the seeds  and the words that are hidden in their hearts. 

No it doesn’t matter what the world believes. It is personal between you and the  Heavenly Father. There is no mediator between you and there is no mystery.   

So I send you comfort if only for a moment   ,     the word of  God is the living word of the Living God,      though I may be perished from this world,  my name long ago forgotten,    my testimony is alive and my declaration of my faith in the promise given to us .  




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