Connie cford

I am terrified of offending God.

When I was asked if I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior I didn’t lie. . I replied with the fear of offending God . For God has been with me in my heart through all of my life.

So I answered the question politely and. I said that I have one God , my Heavenly Father who created me and his words are hidden in my heart.

I don’t have great knowledge nor do I expect to ever understand such things as well as the world seems to.

So I was judged by man accordingly
Surely I must have a blasphemous spirit and my soul is condemned to burn in hell for that what I have spoken aloud and rejected the one who died for the sins of all the world.

Well I call bull shit. I must be delusional and confused to be the only one in the world to see Jesus was not God.

So be it. I am not ashamed of myself.
for the judgement of God will not be escaped.

I didn’t know who Jesus was at that time of my life. Who is brave enough to make that kind of declaration?

So I questioned the way the world and tradition of religion is taught to say the one and only way to get to the kingdom of God….. is Jesus.

How come I gave thanks to God for the near miss tragedies around me.?

For God knew that I was not ready for the truth .
I have been so blessed to have understanding that the word of God is not flawed.
the battle with truth is in the voice that is unmistakable to those who have been chosen to hear.

So if you find yourself with me and see that I am not wise nor religiously ignorant of the world and tradition that is being taught by man .

I am not one to be joining community after community. For the praise and justification of others.

Even though I was was hearing about the only way to get to the kingdom of heaven is in accepting Jesus Christ as the personal Savior.

Well that’s when the battle within my heart began. I was being attacked by a invisible serpent spirit of fear and ran in circles . I tore my clothes and throughout this whole time I continued to question and study the Bible and I just asked Jesus.

I was being tried and tested for the way of my heart. I never prayed in the name of Jesus .

I never claimed that he was my salvation of my life.

I don’t understand those things. I am terrified of offending God. So I endured the attacks and my heart never changed.

and then Jesus came to me and acknowledged me. Jesus proclaimed that he was with me while I was being attacked and he was with me and throughout my life and my words, I was being tried and tested and Jesus was witness to my works and my faith. He said that he was to declare all that to the Heavenly Father.

So I am gonna add this in my own understanding and by my faith I say that Jesus was not standing between my heart and the Heavenly Father but between my heart and the Satan.

So I am not wise to knowledge for all things belong to the one who created them. I serve the one True God. And Jesus is my witness.

The post above was written by me some time ago.   I no longer have access to the account for forgotten password and google security is ridiculous about the recovery process,   but anyway I see it is still available for viewing.    

This subject is delicate and intolerance  comes out in the world and many flee from my counsel. 

I never really thought about that belief that we are all   forgiven by his    blood. 
What I was asking for was the very scripture that is written, not in red letters  to catch the eye but just quoted by the writer in the book of Matthew,  when the child addresses Jesus as good master ,     Jesus’s preserved answer to the child was this    …… why do you call me good, for there is not one who is good,   but your Heavenly Father,  …

And the answer continue s when the child asks the way to the kingdom of heaven and Jesus replied to the child that the teachings of Moses was the law of God and the commandments and laws are clearly written. 

Now I see that paragraph in Mathew ,17 I believe,    but regardless if you want to see it it’s there.    But the whole story leading up to the scripture I speak of is not to be dismissed.    

 So the battle of my faith  began.  For the enemy  knew that I am with great power of the pen.   

And the fight was on everytime I began to  preserve the books of remembrance of my  coming out of the wilderness. . 

I don’t declare that I am a warrior and I have had great faith to no be afraid , because I was terrified of the lying Spirit that whispered doubt  and  used my own life to make me feel unworthy of such things as  being loved by the one I call my Heavenly Father.   

So now you can see where I have came from   and what you want to do with the testimony is  not an issue for me.   

It is only my own testimonies and my choices have brought me to speak to you. .     


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