I am not wise,  I will stand before God, and be accountable for my own works

Heavenly Father
Aug 24, 2016

I don’t have time to sugarcoat this here is where you are going to have to choose .
Our choices are trials upon us and the fact that your here is presented to you from my own understanding not wisdom but it is written for those who have been seeking , God confirms everything that is truth and let no deceit be found within my own understanding I have presented to you.
The beginning of your life to the end is written in stone from the beginning and the alternative is red as wine and flows freely and abundantly throughout the borders of this world.

Are you so clever ? Are you even concerned about all the things around you is a gift you paid for with your soul? Come to my house and I will be accountable for all of the sins you confess to me. No worries of consequences . OK. No rules . Eat my flesh and wash in my blood. Now really. God bless these words to truth and let my lack of understanding of all things only enhance the words of my heart to reach those not decieved

Originally shared by Connie cford
To those who have come to be with me and even though you may have left to go back to the ones who have like minds and hearts and agree on that that was taught to be the way , I did not find you nor did I search for you by name, you have crossed paths with me and even though I am very different than what you are comfortable with I don’t want to be responsible for your soul , for now I am aware that if I don’t give you the testimony of my heart to reveal to you the same thing that has been revealed to me by my faith in God , and by his word this understanding, is for me, you who find yourself with me I know that your way is different. Turn away from the unfruitful discussion and debated judgement on the fact that your security is gifted to you.

God is not there but is there within you. From the beginning of your life his breath is the word and know that understanding is not the same thing as knowledge and experience is the best thing for the wisdom of one is foolishness to another.

There is a special place in the hearts of those who are gathered to God , those who are listening and know that they are different from the other sheep. That there is something that is written that catches your eye and stirs up a little bit of fear and curiosity and is put in the back of your mind and you return to the comfort zone.

So many are marching on the crusade and even physically fighting for the cross they chose to carry.

But who is moved to step out of the valleys to climb the mountains with the hinds feet that will not stumble to be with those who chose to be free from the bondage and climb out of the valley of death to live with the God of the living?
Who is moved to step up and say that this is not the same as that , what is the same to you in Trinity to be one, but one to me is not the same thing as your three. Run along back to the one who shares suffering with you and burdens your back with a heavy load


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