Dear Heavenly Father, see only my Heart and my love for you….

  • My faith is tested
  • My testimony is alive
  • My words will  been judged
  • My fear is  lack of faith 
  • My life will  has been so blessed with the mercy of my God. 

Let my hand be blessed by the Heavenly Father’s love. I have fleshly desires and I don’t declare myself to be with evil intentions to be with pride and vanity.

I do not have any knowledge of what I was  born to  accomplish for the will of God .

 I don’t declare that I have a direct link to the answers that are not known by any man, or woman on this earth. 

I have great fear of offending God. 

Who can say that knowledge is in their own way of understanding ? 

  that the teachings that man has taught is the only way to know God? 

  • Who can say that they  are not going to be accountable for their own lives and the trial of the works of their hands . ? 

Will you hear the child that asks the way to the kingdom of heaven and tell him that you have the only answer?  

 are we going to be in the Heavenly places , are  we going to become angels ? 

The words that are written are not hidden from those who seek the truth about what you are searching for. 

The words that you want to see are the only words that you will see.  

But if you continue to sow seeds in the world and the religious traditions that are so misused by the way of man, you,    just as I , continue to sew the seeds of  faith,  will stand before God to be found accountable for my own works.

There is no one else that can save me. 

There is a veil that separates the world 

religious beliefs are not going to be accepted by the generation to come after us. 

When I  find myself in a pit of serpents   I  have to really consider the question of what I am  teaching. 

As I sew the seeds  the   serpent spirit that attacks me and tests my faith in God ,   comes to destroy my words and the seeds of my testimonies and the words that I sew must have a great purpose in the world. 

For if I can get the wisdom that stirred up  the enemy, the one that is called the father of lies,  then I must be a great threat  to  his place in the world.

If you look at the same  words that are posted by  the way of man  and religion ,

And that is the only comfort of your life and my words offend you, then you will never be a threat to the enemy of the ones who are chosen to hear the voice of God in their hearts. 

 You are not going to be accountable for the works of your own heart and soul and you are excused from judgement. 

For the whole world could not be wrong. ?  The world  is unable to have been deceived by the way of the serpent spirit that deceived Adam and eve. ?

No that would make a difference between the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of God. 

The enemy came to bring division in the world and destroy the very words of God , to steal the souls of the children who are chosen by God,   the world is already his,   but as for me I fear the Lord my God,   so the enemy will hate me .

If you find yourself  still here with me and my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father is not the same as the teachings that brought us together, ….

Then you will have to really consider the question . hear  the Holy Spirit of God,    knowledge is hers  , her knowledge  is more precious than Gold,  and once you have received it,  it cannot be ignored to those that are chosen to choose. ,  and the trial that leads to the judgement of God. 

But I don’t know anything about the mind of God, but I do know that the battle is real and in our own lifetime. 

For  when we are dead and gone from the world ,   our work is finished and the seeds we have sewn will be reaped . 

If you have found the words that I have written and  find a  calming peace with you,    for you now know that you are not alone.   You have never been alone.  

Keep the words that are  hidden within you.   For the children of the almighty God  have no need for instructions from man    , foolishness of tradition  separates  you . 

For you know the Lord thy God.  


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