Father I am here

Seeking to find a place to belong.

Could the world be wrong?

There is a choice between the Heavenly Father and the religious beliefs of the  righteous man. 

Follow the rules and the religious plan.

The ONLY way to the promised land. 

Seeking to find a place to belong.

I believe that the teachings of man is wrong. 

I sew the seeds and the trial of my heart began.

The enemy cones  to  keep you away from me.

The words of my heart and works I conceive.

The enemy came to laugh at me. 

Who can say that knowledge is in their own hearts and carry on with the faith and have no fear of offending God?

I will continue on to the works of Job. To see the truth in the fear of God. 

Then I will return to you , and be responsible for your soul .

May God bless my words to truth and let me not deceive  by my own thoughts 

of things .

I don’t declare  to fully understand.   For knowledge is not wisdom that is known by man. 

But I do have have a great testimony of the love of God  , and  his word  brings the  enemy , and I have to take a stand. 

Even  against the world and the uncertainty of my hands. To speak of things I don’t understand. 


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