Hidden in my heart

There is nothing more personal than the pen and paper.   Sometimes I feel like word prediction changes my train of thought.    

I never thought about what I want to share on this blog. 

Except what is hidden in my heart.  

Hidden so deep  that meaningful words to describe it are  hard to find.  
Too many words can take away from the meaning of what is written.  

Too many words can scramble with the truth and  doubt takes over and the subject is lost. .
Too many words can make you weary and  so it remains hidden in my heart.

Dear sister ,  child of my sister .  You are still so young and I don’t know yet what, or I will never know the mind of God. 
When I walked  in darkness,  I did not fear .  I was hidden from the site of evil. 

I don’t understand the invisible serpent spirit that has so long been  persistent in testing my heart and my lack of faith is  purely human,    the fear in whatever form it comes to you , ……….will be your confirmation of the truth in my heart. 
I’m not  big on the way of the world’s religious beliefs and traditional way to get salvation,,   blah blah blah blah. 
That is not knowledge with wisdom . Only truth  you   can receive is from the living word of God ,  your  Heavenly Father that created you.    but you are still hidden away and I have not forgotten you.  

These are my end days and my flesh will  perish in the grave., but I have written my books of remembrance and the seed I sew into your heart   will be reaped  and I will be accountable for your soul. 

Take care to remember the path that leads to me.  And carry on with the knowledge that I have been so blessed to see.  The word hidden away in this seed . 

I may not be the best example for the Christian life, for I am not with them. 

My hands are not clean, nor is my mind always sober  .  …..  you remember me. 

This is not a sermon , I do not preach to be heard and I don’t need another soul to  say amen to me. . 

Don’t worry about  the fear that the enemy brings when the spirit of wisdom teaches you, for her knowledge is power and authority and fear is the beginning of knowledge of the Heavenly Father’s voice. ,   

She will not have mercy on you, and she will laugh at your fear,   but you remember the promise of God , He will always be here.  ,  and you will be unharmed and many years will be gone,  and I will comfort you again  , for you will then know that God has prepared for you all the days of your life.   And the life is in his word.  


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