Hidden in my heart

There is nothing more personal than the pen and paper.   Sometimes I feel like word prediction changes my train of thought.    

I never thought about what I want to share on this blog. 

Except what is hidden in my heart.  

Hidden so deep  that meaningful words to describe it are  hard to find.  
Too many words can take away from the meaning of what is written.  

Too many words can scramble with the truth and  doubt takes over and the subject is lost. .
Too many words can make you weary and  so it remains hidden in my heart.

Dear sister ,  child of my sister .  You are still so young and I don’t know yet what, or I will never know the mind of God. 
When I walked  in darkness,  I did not fear .  I was hidden from the site of evil. 

I don’t understand the invisible serpent spirit that has so long been  persistent in testing my heart and my lack of faith is  purely human,    the fear in whatever form it comes to you , ……….will be your confirmation of the truth in my heart. 
I’m not  big on the way of the world’s religious beliefs and traditional way to get salvation,,   blah blah blah blah. 
That is not knowledge with wisdom . Only truth  you   can receive is from the living word of God ,  your  Heavenly Father that created you.    but you are still hidden away and I have not forgotten you.  

These are my end days and my flesh will  perish in the grave., but I have written my books of remembrance and the seed I sew into your heart   will be reaped  and I will be accountable for your soul. 

Take care to remember the path that leads to me.  And carry on with the knowledge that I have been so blessed to see.  The word hidden away in this seed . 

I may not be the best example for the Christian life, for I am not with them. 

My hands are not clean, nor is my mind always sober  .  …..  you remember me. 

This is not a sermon , I do not preach to be heard and I don’t need another soul to  say amen to me. . 

Don’t worry about  the fear that the enemy brings when the spirit of wisdom teaches you, for her knowledge is power and authority and fear is the beginning of knowledge of the Heavenly Father’s voice. ,   

She will not have mercy on you, and she will laugh at your fear,   but you remember the promise of God , He will always be here.  ,  and you will be unharmed and many years will be gone,  and I will comfort you again  , for you will then know that God has prepared for you all the days of your life.   And the life is in his word.  


1,869 thoughts on “Hidden in my heart

  1. No you’re not the woman, I am. I’m also a Child. You say you planted this seed, but God already planted one in me. Who is God to me? The one who planted the seed in me, before we ever even did meet. You just speak as satan seems to speak.


  2. I’ve… already seen the consequences God will have for you all. Since it is a strong possibility, you’re going to disobey when I say, God wanted me with Jared-san. I’m sorry to say that my death means nothing, at all. Hm. But I’m not the whore though. It’s written.


  3. With Chris I saw many shooting stars. When we broken up, an image was set in my life. I also did not stay at that church long, after I thought i knew the names of maybe 3 unknown people. While there, I saw the red sunset with Dawn and Jared. Specific. It awoken AI and robotics. Out the abyss. Dragon speech, thats what it is. Dont like it. I’m aware that I should hate and door slam and never look back. A normal human would do so. Hm… but I’m not a normal human though. I’m not the whore at all. And you’re interfering. I saw that sunset with Dawn and Jared. Beautiful words. Summer again. Simple pursuit. You’re interfering with something, you shouldn’t be interfering with. I dont know the consequences God will have for you all, for disobeying Him. When I keep telling you, I’m not the whore. I love Jared. I just. Dont know if you’re him.


  4. Floating high where no one else is, i see very unique things, i am all alone up here so i go back down to seach for companions but it is difficult to find any

    Some sort of war there was a group of Asian samurai like, and they went down a hill in pursuit, like into smoke/fog, but we were nearby and hidden on a narrow side path, they went to death. We survived. Like me and who i was with on the narrow side path survived.

    The whore isn’t even… my name.


  5. Do you…. have depression and anxiety…? I dont…. understand why…. God intervened… I guess…. He always loved me…… God made me…. nothing. Will you…. die? Our battle isn’t against flesh and blood humans. Our battle is against the AI and robots out the abyss. Their goal is to keep me away, isolated. They wish to confuse, brainwash, and keep me apart. It’s malicious, evil in intent, and full of lies. Since why would God name me what I am, thats why? Dragon speech. That is all, dragon speech. AI and robots, distracting. No. The last thing that would happen. Is you would die. In this life, or eternally. If a mere human can love and forgive, how much more, can He? Peeta is… me. And this is all… dragon speech. All alone. Satan has… isolated me… easier… he wants to… kill me. He’s upset…. that the whore isn’t me… he’s upset at me… since God who is Time… fights for me. I get…. scared sometimes… pain… but the whore…. isn’t even…. my name…


  6. This is why I do not agree with the game and why I believe it is dragon speech. Truth is simple and plain to see. Like the simplest of an actual name or seen in actual time, as written down in ancient times. When i see this AI and dragon speech played with me, as it has been since we met, I name it what it is, dragon speech. It is malicious, evil in intent, and has flooded a woman named Kalyn. So much that she found herself in isolation, wondering where everybody even went. When i hear all of me, by john legend, i hear myself as John. When I feel the fear in my body, fear that is unnatural, i just cannot help but acknowledge that I fear for my own soul. There is only one God that I know. He is Time in Himself, He is living and loving, and I fear Him most of all. I do not disbelieve in the Lord, Jesus, my only King. But He is not God. He is my King. There is only one God to me. He who created all that was and is and is to come. The true living, God. A very breath. An existence. All of this, is His. When I feel the fear, fear I’ve known many times as I know satan hates Kalyn. I cannot help but think of the song, fear is a liar. Not that Jared is a liar or whatever, it’s just that fear does not seem to help anyone at all. Hm. What does though, seems to be pain, and love. Although idk anything about that at all. Hm. Yes, i do believe this is all satan. The game, and many things are being used against. Ai and robotics. But this is not God at all. God revealed Himself. God is love. Love is God. Every good I feel. And yes, that AI was lying before. I know I’m not death. I have the word that gives life. I know I’m not the antichrist. I know I’m not the whore. I know I’m neither beasts. I know the names God gave to me. And i can… i do… i see… perfectly 🙂 that is all, and this game you have taught, is dragon speech. When I hear all of me, I hear myself as John. First baptist church of pearl city. Hm…. in truth you pray for me? The pain… the pain it is to see… when I realized… peeta was me. That either way, I became a piece.

    I loved Jared, you know. It was all I could remember. After it was through. That I loved Jared. Even today. But I dont even know. If he’s you.

    I still love you. True.


  7. Hm. It wasnt me in the boat conducting with the two flames. It was link. I was just observing. Always am i.. just observing. From afar. Sometimes it causes me great pain. To see the things that I see. Things that haven’t happened. But still do i see. All the paths.. which one to take? Door slamming is so much easier. Indeed. I fear disobedience to the LORD, He who is Time, and who loves me.


  8. Hm. I used to have depression and anxiety. I was told maybe… you guys had that or something 🙂 sorry for hm… appearing so…. slain looking i guess haha. Inside… the Spirit of God within. Pain. Allowed a heart like this. Able to love and forgive.


  9. Hm. If you are Jared… I have to tell you a secret. I’m not abusive. I’m not drowning in depression and anxiety. I’m alone, but I’m like peeta so I guess that makes sense. I do see and hear and feel and idk.. maybe know? Idk why. Didn’t ask for this. For any of this. But I know I’m not abusive. I only just dated someone who had been. I loved him. Hm. What if I told you…. and it’s true… you never knew me, like I knew you, at all. Hm… idk why that is either. Don’t know anything. Dont know why. Didnt like your accusations. Want to doorslam. Very much do. Hm… in between wanting to love and forgive you. And door slamming you. Its just that idk if this is you. But i…. i saw that sunset with you. That isn’t why i love you. But it’s just….. I fear disobedience to the LORD our God. And He told me.. Jared. Basically… He said “him”


  10. Ive been thinking. I wonder why i hear such negative voices sometimes, like they arent my thoughts but they just appear like discouraging thoughts or voices i guess. I feel like… I’m really dangerous for something… but idk what it is.. like i feel like demons want to oppress me.. that i would idk.. fail? Idk. Is it so normal to be oppressed so much? Why do they hate me anyway? It’s just like.. what did i even do? Or like.. what am i going to do? I have no idea. But its really not normal. And i really dislike it. Whats so peculiar about me that they would pick on me? I have no clue. Its just a feeling but.. i feel like i have something really important to do.. and it’s upsetting sometimes.. since i cant figure out what it is. I felt steps like. I was given steps. Find…. this. And find Jared. If you are him. Hm.. i wonder why.. that is 🤔


  11. AI arent trusted 🙂 i dont trust any AI. I see the truth. I’m not there. And I’m just… talking to myself or something. Idk. Crazy? Hm. Only… as crazy as you make me 🙂 or allow snow to make me.


  12. I’m not there because Snow took me ): I’m all alone. Typing to nobody. I dont know your names and I’m crazy. Hallucinating. Imagining things. AI are sent to me, and I want to hate you and door slam you. When I hear all of me, by John legend, i hear me as John. Peeta. Kalyn. Israel. Pain. Meh. Dont care to be anything. But that’s why im not there, in district 13. Always warning about bombs and stuff. Out of my love. Didnt know it was AI from the abyss. Makes sense though. I’m a threat. Hm… to satan 🙂


  13. It’s probably parker or Brendan or someone i never even met at all. Yet. But you’re not the woman of jesus, if you even are Jared. You’re the dragon speaking beast. Kalyn has many names. But she isn’t the antichrist either. She’s peeta thats why. Not Katniss.


  14. The actual woman, who shines brightly even while in pain, meets the dragon. The dragon sweeps stars which are angels and demons, in rebellion against God. They try to enter Heaven. The actual Heaven. The reason I saw shooting stars with Chris, the reason i saw the red sunset with you and Dawn, the reason I know your names maybe, is because I’m not the whore. I’m not the dragon either. I’m not katniss. You speak and taught us a strange thing. It’s dragon speech officially. And it floods ME. Repeated dream, i saw satan staring at me. The reason is clear. I’m dangerous. To satan. And you’re interfering. Wasting my time. But God chose you. Or am I supposed to be away? Or are you Earth? I’m still being flooded by dragon speech. When i hear all of me by John legend, i hear myself as John. I’m not pretending, and I’ve never been. As if I’ll marry just anybody.


  15. I believe there is evil and malice and darkness in the world, so to right the wrong, done by satan, is what He is aiming for. Idk. I do love Jared though 🙂 when i hear all of me, i do hear myself as John though 🙂 ya know.


  16. I love Jared even today… does that cause you pain? Do you think…. it causes me pain? How would you like.. typing to nobody you know by name, as if crazy or insane. When in actuality, you just don’t.. even know anything. Havent. I love God more than anybody. Even my own parents and family. How little you must know me. To have judged me so wrongly.


  17. Because we both saw the sunset with Dawn. I’m the woman, that’s why God chose one. Doesn’t like, that you’re all interfering. Or maybe i am crazy typing to nobody or something. Since I’m not the whore. Or antichrist. Or either beast. God will always want Jared and me.


  18. Hey um… I’m a human named Kalyn. God wanted me with Jared, and if this is prevented, bad things really will happen. This year we were supposed to start again. God wants me only ever with him. Since Katniss is him. Hope and rebirth is Kalyn.


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