Written in stone  (post by Connie cford) 


These  words are written in stone  

Forever available for the world to see . Not even I can can change the words that I have written from my heart.  

Thanks google security,  good job  on locking me out.  Funny haha.

I always call upon the Heavenly Father to bless my words to truth,  to accept the things I have sewn in the world and declare that there is no deceit be seen. In my heart. 

The children are rising from the ashes and the Heavenly Father leads us   . We have no need for the preacher , priest or popes ,  nor the leaders of the overwhelming majority in the world. , for the law is written upon their hearts 

There is no mystery for the children of God,  the new covenant  was made for us and we are being  gathered and the  world rejects us.  

We are not self proclaimed prophets who scream for the confirmation of man.  We have been judged  by the Most high God and  led away from the slaughter. 

Our  flesh is torn and  thrown on the streets  by the men who claim that they have done that in the name of their god, 

But God saves the souls and  washes his children clean.   The blood is on the hands of fools  , so many do not understand, wisdom is not found. 

Judgement  will stand in eyes of God.   The blood is covered by the sands but written in stone these words will stand .

For we ar gathering to the promise of God , we have been  covered by his hand. 


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