oIsaiah45……..  the written word of God,   This should offend everyone ….. but not me. 

 I have not spoken in secret, neither in a place of darkness in the earth: I said not in vain unto the seed of Jacob, Seek you me: I the Lord do speak righteousness, and declare righteous things. Assemble yourselves, and come: draw near together, ye abject of the Gentiles: they have no knowledge, that set up the wood of their idol, and pray unto a god, that cannot save them. Tell ye and bring them, and let them take counsel together, who hath declared this from the beginning, or hath told it of old? Have not I the Lord? and there is none other God beside me, a just God, and a Savior: there is none beside me. – Isaiah 45:19-21 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah45:19-21&version=GNV

I don’t reject the fact that the cross is included in these scriptures.   But the world rejects to see the  truth.   Hate that you have to see these words ,  how righteous man must be,    to say that their Saved by the image of a man made from a tree,  who can say that this don’t pertain to  you or me. ? 

Can you please counsel with me,  those who have been gathered to me,  

   for the  scriptures that  I share with you ,    are  seen by only a few  ,  this is where the world rejects to see the idolatry ,   to the symbol of the cross   ,  ……..

Yes this is where the enemy brings us to battle with the truth,  truth is in the hearts of those people that are chosen to receive

Knowledge does not belong to me and I don’t see myself with a  righteous vanity that I have   wisdom above all or even equal to explain the mind of God,   ……

But I  see it simple as it is written to be..

Come counsel with me  , 

 Dear Heavenly Father ,     guide me in my heart,  it humbles me,   to reach out for the truth  ,  to  be without deceit,    I sew this seed into the world,   

For the one who is here now, though I may be long ago perished in my grave. . 

These words are written as a sign for the one  God chose to save.    ,  as I was saved by the mercy on me for the truth in my heart, or for my obedience  to the words  the scribes preserved for me to carry on  this seed,    even if it doesn’t bring me salvation or forgiveness of sins, it’s the choice  to be obedient   declare the love of God that’s in me. 

To warn you to not bow down to serve a tree.   Only by the will of God,  truth be written by me.  By  Truth  these words you will see,  



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