Bring me your knowledge…  Heavenly Father hear my heart…..

I had questions…..

Who can teach me, if not God?  

Who can say that knowledge is given to them above all the world? 

 How rejected I have been . 

You pray for me to receive guidance of the way you see me in error .

Error is seen by man , you see error  in my heart  ,  

error in your eyes say to   pray so I can believe  what you  have heard of the truth . 

I don’t understand the blindness , the boldness and refusal to hear  ..

In kindness , you pray for me? 

I have forsaken the whole world to be obedient to fulfill my inner desire to serve God,  

There are no words to describe how much I searched for the truth,  just for a bit of understanding of why  I was  different from other people, 

Then I can say that I accept that I  will never get a mind to understand the concept of the Heavenly Father’s will or plan ,  

who can say that  they have a true and correct answer to my faith? 

Not even I can say right or wrong way. 

So I have to go into the world and declare that I have been so loved and saved by my God.  

My Heavenly Father I can not escape from judgement.   

I will not fear that I am responsible for my work.  

I do not teach them how to make idols and pray in vain. 

I send back all those who  God sends to hear me.  I send you back to the one who created you.   

I have no idea where  you are going , or what you are searching for in the hearts of the people, 

But I do have questions, I am accountable for the works of my hands and I don’t know any other way to God, 

But to  accept that God is sovereign. God is with us, God is our savior and judge. 

The first commandment  is not forgotten by me .  

To fear the wrath of God to destroy my soul,  to  dust my flesh will perish in the grave, my life is the breath of God, my very soul  .  

To the Heavenly Father I pray  . He knows my name. There is no mediator between us  .  

To choose from religious tradition, that is acceptable to the world. , or God. 

With the questions that I have written  find the right scriptures that are chosen to be unquestionably  believed to have the answer. 

Keep reading the first and last words of the whole chapter  in context.   

It is not unimportant things to read. 

The scriptures are the tares ,  the testimonies are the seed. 

Acceptance of what you hear,  knowledge is given by what you read  .

It is written plainly, if you choose to see.   

The choice is yours and you are now alone in this trial. 

Ministering spirits will be there, to whisper doubt in your mind  . 

I don’t understand the concept of the Heavenly hosts , it brings me down to fear.    For I am not with knowledge of such things  , 

I declare the one true God I have loved and known  his voice in my heart.  

I will not be the best example of the righteous and  pure.  But I do have love for the creation of the world and the beautiful things,  though there is hate in the hearts of man,   I will not waste  this day,   I honor God with the words I say to you. 

So I have this question to ask you,   do you feel like God is calling for you?    

Don’t answer me this is a choice  you have to make. 

The  world or  the Lord thy God  ,? the way of man, the promise of everlasting life and resurrection? Or God?

Who will you bow down to pray  . ? Do you have a golden calf, or the stump of the tree?

The statue of the woman who  stands upon the snake?

Such a blasphemous testimony  is the judgement of man on me. 

But I will testify to God  these words I have in me.   These are the choices that I can see.  

God is my first and  last . My one and only. 

Knowledge is not in me to worship  with the world and the. Images are obscene to me. 

I don’t reject the testimony  that Jesus shown to me.   it is the parables written that  the world   foolishly will teach  . . 

 So I will go back to the beginning, and remember the first lie  ever told   . 


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