Oh Father , I am weak, the enemy bites at my back…..

The invisible serpent spirit that has placed itself upon on my back.  

Delusional is how  many of  you may judge me by my words , written by me in the world in my lifetime  

That’s OK.   For my work and the word of my heart is for the children that are chosen to go after me.  

 Yes it is God who has gone before me ,  and also you,  may god bless my words to truth and let no deceit be written by my hands. 

So many will see what I have written but have no understanding of what I write. 

But you remember the promise of The Lord thy God , and understanding is with you. 

The evil one will not steal it from your heart.  I fight with my own testimony to be obedient and sew the word in the world.  

Not for the world to accept but for you to receive. There it will take root and grow stronger than you,as well as I, will never really understand what we have been given .

One small seed that is where the battle begins    . And with my death it will not end.   It grows hidden away in your heart and soul.  So even as I sew the enemy fades away behind me. 

Waiting on you to battle with the truth in your heart. 

We all hear that same thing,” 

(do not fear)

But it is not lack of faith when you fear that wich you can not see

 its just human .  So you who is still with me understand, and hear,   God is with us ,   take comfort from my seed  .

The evil will recede away.   Life is is the words that we pray when we see the light turn darkness to day.  


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