Surely you shall not die….the first lie ever told pt1…

Deceit from the beginning and the first lie ever told.  

When I talk with you  and few others that stumble upon this , I keep in mind that one will have a clean slate.  Or gaps between the lessons. 

If you have  erased the chalkboard and returned to the beginning, then you must be aware of  something that is missing from the knowledge that you have been given. 

Do I have knowledge? No

Do I have answers?  No.

But I did have questions about my own interpretation because who is wise as God,? 

Not sure yet what I want to sew in this case.

But I am humble to be obedient to fulfill my heart and my desires to counsel with you on my own journey.   

Am I appointed to be without flaw? No

I put away the things I don’t understand, 

I go back to the beginning and the first lie ever told.  

Surely you shall not die. 

You will be wise and know what is not known.     

Shame . Fear .  Hate. 

Disobedience and consequences.  . 

Then begins the laws and statutes . 

If you don’t feel the presence in the word, then you must be most wise and know that you are not accountable for yourself and follow the one who saves you from judgement and after   death you will have eternal life.

Then you can’t be bothered with me and my faith in God  .

I’ll be back.   This is where the battle begins.   


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