Written by  me ,,  preserved by you …..HOLLY


Holly  this is where I started to feel the urgency to speak  .  It humbles me to do this for myself as well as  you. 

Most importantly the service of my hands, 

 Hands that   stole the gold and silver of the house of idols,    

I called upon the Heavenly Father to bless my right hand and see not my left. 

To guide me in truth and  judge me for the truth in my heart and soul . 

Yes I do have fleshly weakness,  but it is not with evil intentions. 

I was warned to not be tempted to return to the house of idols lest I be destroyed. 

I seen no problem with the theft in the church  just loose money laid out on the statues and the alters , for It is an abomination  to serve the idols. 

At first it was a blessing to be able to get cash for food , gas ,and of course, something to keep me drunk, but not on the wine. , 

It was a blessing to see the lesson that I was  being prepared to receive. 

Obedience is non negotiable when God makes it clear to understand that what is commanded to  do or to not do. 

Even when it’s a command that you seem to be the only one who can see it as wrong. . 

There are many teachers and  I am responsible for my work and I am accountable for   your soul. 

Holly I had to pause and Run around in circles and I have literally torn my clothes and found nowhere to escape from the invisible serpent .  .   Such an enemy is desperately trying to steal  my words. 

I don’t know what he has planned for you, but be sober and aware   .  In the silence of the night watch when you are being  moved to preserve your own books of remembrance..  

Not for the memories of my life but the  warnings of my life and my obedience or lack of,    to be able to receive your own place and the Heavenly Father’s presence will be your  guide   . 

To make sure your children and grandchildren , of yours or your sisters and brothers wherever the word will  already be on their hearts  

I am not a prisoner nor is this a burden. 

This is my tithes, my works are my offering to God . Not for a blessing upon myself, not for a favor  or  protection from a  fatal tragedy , or the evil that is in the hearts of man  .  

But a  service that I can do to be thankful and honor God, for the life I have been so blessed to have.  To be able to know that unmistakable and indescribable voice in my heart. . 

To be obedient and receive the mercy on my human weaknesses of fear that the enemy brings me. 

But the truth is that I fear offending God, more than I do the bite that the invisible serpent threatens from behind me. 

Yes I do have fear of the overwhelming feeling of being helpless when the battle is upon me. To keep the seed and the word hidden away from the enemy is a great  victory for me. Today I have been saved , once again to  fight for you to receive the truth in your heart.  Not my truth , but the truth and the understanding that is given to you ,  may God accept and bless my words to truth and let no deceit be seen written by my hand.    

Let the Heavenly Father guide you.  

May all the angels of God surrounding me and my house , bring you protection from the enemy.  May they stand in the doorways and  guard the seed I sew into your heart  . 


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