My own understanding   is not knowledge of the understanding that is not understood…… 

I won’t be offended if you don’t  like the way I feel in my heart.   
I don’t teach in my works to guide others to see the things I see.    

I ask questions and I have been judged by man as delusional and even blasphemous for my own testimony and I declare that I have  one God. 

I am responsible for my works and the Heavenly Father will be my  judge. 
I don’t understand why I am so blessed to have a personal love from  God. 

To feel his presence in my heart and soul. 
If I am delusional then so be it.  It’s a wonderful state to have a simple thought that I am loved and known by name by such a great and mighty creator of my life. 

  I call upon God to be with us and I ask for  guidance to be without deceit from my own  understanding. 

My search for understanding

I don’t understand the concept of the  worship of the cross and the  belief that Jesus is the only way to know God.  
Jesus , to me , has already been sacrificed for this purpose,   in my own testimony to you , this is how I feel.  
I don’t pray to God in the name of Jesus.  

I don’t really pray for things , or health, etc…

 But I have fallen to the ground as dead with my face to the floor with thanks and tears from my very soul. 
Just to honor the one who created me. To be obedient to my faith in  praising only God, my Heavenly Father , above all else, I put nothing before him,  I don’t know what is equal to him as my God. ,    
Yes it is not acceptable to the world for me to say that I have this personal level of respect for God.  To accept that I have no knowledge nor wisdom to know if I am wrong and the world is right. 
Only my simple faith in God.   

The only thing that has brought me doubt and fear is the teachings of man. 

Jesus is my witness…..

Do you feel like I’m not on the right path? Do you feel like I am  totally ignorant and I am lost in my own interpretation of the scriptures that are chosen to be unquestionably believed to me? Scriptures that are plainly written by the obedience of those chosen for the task of the preservation of the word ?

 I know that your opinion on the way to reach the kingdom of heaven is not like that of my own. 

I don’t expect to see the kingdom of heaven because I don’t” think”  that my soul is to be what was created to be in the heavens.     

These are my personal thoughts and feelings and I would like to hear from you in your own place of understanding.

I have lots of curiosity about the ones who have reached such a confident  comfort in knowing that they are able to explain to the world the simplicity of  scriptures that they have a great understanding of more than anyone. 

The knowledge that the whole world searches to receive. Wisdom is not  given by all knowledge.   

Knowledge is not with me in all the  wisdom that is mine. 

My wisdom is foolishness to the great knowledge of man.  

My wisdom is knowledge of the fact that I have no knowledge.  

Just a confident comfort in knowing that indescribable and unmistakable voice in my heart.   

As for the world ,  many say I am not wise nor will I be able to receive the Father without me the son.   

But I say the son died for that reason . 

The son died so I can know the Heavenly Father.    And in my heart and soul I have one God , and to him I give my honor and glory and praise,   I give him my life that was given to me by his breath.     That is my way.   And I believe everyone is different and unique.   

I don’t understand everything as the world seems to.  

I don’t even try to. So I embrace my own confusion and return to a child like state of acceptance of my God ,  and serve the creator of the world.    For the simple fact that I don’t understand anything else.     

And that is understandably not understood.    



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