My Note from Bible Gateway

This is where I can get the deep feeling of authority and the feat of my Heavenly Father.

God is so powerful in the written word.

But I can see how much the world can take this chapter all of it., start to finish and come out of it only thinking of Jesus. And not the reasoning behind the death , really who is so wise to be educated on such things.?

I feel fear of seeing the written word,so long before the events description could be compared to the crucifixion of Christ. .

And it is written . Written by the obedience of those chosen to be scribes. To be without doubt that it is alive in the hearts of all the chosen people who are to receive it and preserve the books. And carry on with the knowledge that confounded many who have vanity and pride.

No matter how much man tried to destroy the works , and add to and take away from, there was one that was chosen to be responsible for the truth and the word as it was written.

Knowledge is given by the way of our fathers house. But it is all Knowledge without wisdom of the memorized scriptures and written law that is covered with a Heavenly veil.

These are my personal thoughts on these powerful scriptures. . I don’t understand why I am so divided from the world. But I acknowledge the truth is in our own hearts.

To be without doubt that God loves me and my lack of education from man is not the point.

To serve God with my heart and soul and be good to others who have less than me. And help those who don’t ask .

To not ask for forgiveness but guidance.
To not say a vow to bargain for peace or health , even when it’s my own child who is suffering in this world. But to trust him to be my God. And love him as he has prepared the way. He has laid his laws upon our hearts and souls.

So there is no mediator to the knowledge of the God that is known to us from the beginning of our lives. There is no doubt about it. And who can teach us more than he who has created us and his breath is the very life given to us. And his word is alive , for he is a living God, and I will serve him while I am living for in my death it will be too late.


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