Dear Heavenly Father

Why waste my words to describe how much I love you to the world  ?   Dear Heavenly Father, you have blessed my life. 
Ever step I took, you are with me,  

No matter what day it is 

  I give you my love    . I search to  serve you and  I see the world is blind , 

I speak to those who can not hear  

Dear Heavenly Father,    my mind is clear. 

No wine nor drug has  stopped  my heart  . 

So many have fallen by my side.   But blessed by your mercy  I survive. 

 To be able to see the  beauty of the world  , , to feel your presence is alive  . 

You are my God ,   I love only thee,  

I refuse to  pray  unto a tree,  the symbol of a man,    so many will never see.  But yet they call him God.. 
In my life the devil  fights with me. He scares me to fear my life.     

How offended you must be  ; dear Heavenly Father , still you save me,   

To speak of Jesus and the tree,  oh how the world hates and rejects me  
But as I fight with the devil , Satan to some, ,,,, the invisible serpent is how he  comes to me ,,,,,   when I speak of Jesus and  can’t  understand why people don’t  hear,   they are taught to be moral and they have no fear.   

They have a great need and are without doubt that they will be risen from the grave,   the one who died so they can be saved.  

But I have found not one who can truly say they don’t know   , they can only say   ,   accept Jesus Christ and that’s the only way..    .

They pray to you and give him the  thanks .

Exactly the opposite of what is written long ago and still to this day,     in big red letters  he declared that there is no other way, 

Heavenly Father  ,    it’s written plain and simple and so many will never see , the child that is set in the midst of  thee.

But yet still I don’t know all things,  but only to you ,dear Heavenly Father, my heart   will always search,  and in my heart Is where your found,      and to me that is the only way.    When I declare this true in my heart,   there is no more to battle , from me the evil one departs,      

To rise again, when I start to sew , the love of God, that’s what I know.  



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