In the morning , and into the night,   I continue on ,  into the fight……

But in between the planting of the seed ,  

I rest and sleep ,  

Then my Heavenly Father opens my eyes,  

The enemy cones to whisper doubt and lies.  

Yet I don’t understand what is the mind of God,  I’m not going to say that I  am not afraid,    but I continue to fight with these words ,  in these words   it’s the way I pray.  

I will not be  perfect ,  to the enemy I am prey,  he  hides behind me,   as , My Heavenly Father leads my way    , , 

The enemy waits for me to stray,     dear Heavenly Father    I will not fall,     my ears are open to follow your call, 

I feel the evil one behind me , I can not see,  

I  know that my Shepard  is God leading me,     I am not alone,    the enemy will lie to me.  

He crawls like serpents  under my bed he declared that he wants me dead.   I run in circles and   scream for my God,   yet in faith I continue on,  ,  to make it clear that in this song,    I will  serve the Heavenly Father   until the day I’m gone.   I’m am weak, my Heavenly Father is strong.  
The battle is real,      I continue on. ….. 

And as I  finish  the evil one goes on. 

My song is sung   .    I continue on  


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