You are right and I am wrong……

Yet I still continue on……..

I love my God,  in my own special way

I’m doing it so wrong , so many people say. 

I ask for guidance from my Heavenly Father to serve and full fill his way.

I am not a prisoner,     it’s my own free will

I listen with my heart and I remain still. 
I love my God, I always will. 

I may not know what you  all claim is known 

But it is not easy to find simplicity in the  Jesus that I have  sought  and been shown. 

And the rest of the world chooses not to see,    

the words I sew as a seed ,  

 So the children of God,,,,    will surely feed,   

The evil one comes along with me and sews his own tares ,   

he sees the seed and sets his snare,   

He sews the fear ,   he seeks to scare,    

Even I have fled from the unseen in shame , 

I do not want to offend my God, , when I serve to honor his name,  

He searches my heart and his mercy on me is   found

 I continue on ,  in your heart these seeds are  bound,

 And I will continue on………..


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