The words of my heart

Will you come to my unmovable faith in the purest form of love?
Will you see the words that belong to God,  ?   They are hidden in my heart. 

 My flesh is weary and my  gifts for my God is  in his hands. 

To have the word untainted by the way of man  , do not be hasty to dismiss

To read the word and feel the fear is understanding and trust.

Wisdom is impossible to find, but it is knowledge and understanding  the children will provide. 

To be able to say “God, I am here”

And acknowledge  his laws with  fear . 

To stand up and appoint ourselves as teachers of  the word,  gaining followers  for the things that are   true to one  and to another  is absurd.

There is no fear of  God to be found in the words that  are so  formal and sound.  

To stand up and say the new fulfills the old ,   refusing to believe that we do not know   its  God  that created your soul.  
To see the words of the prophets of old,  is  to be obedient to do as your told.  Yes you are the same as the ones that have  set up the idols of wood and stone.     Only to the deaf and blind can say that that  is unknown. 

Nothing is new that was not old,   

Yesterday, today and tomorrow is shown ,   
All this knowledge belongs to God, and God alone.   

So I searched for understanding from the creator of it all.  

You are right here with me,   listening to the call,        there is only one God,  the creator  of us all. 

To me there is no equal,   I seek not right or left.      ,  fools  stand and say  there is   only one way ,      follow me to the grave ,   of the sins that have been  took away,   …….     so now we have a choice to make,    

The wrath of God,  in an     overflowing     cup ,    set before one  who filled it up…. with the offending sins  of  all   mankind,    ,     the cries for mercy  ,   the jealous Creator , the Heavenly Father in anger denied,  …

No mercy on the sin ,   that  is  still  leading men ,  to the grave where it was lain ,      blind and deaf ,   this to me is vain.  ……

To stand on understanding,   no man can claim ,    

In my heart these words remain



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