I’m glad your here……just follow your heart…….

The story of Eve,,,,and the first lie ever told,,,,,passed down to the young from Father’s to Father’s of Father’s we have not known.   .. the beginning of the fall of man,   

The very first lie ,,,,, today it still stands.     ….  

Well I don’t know really who you are,  but I write this….    (as I continue on) on the feeling that is touching my heart.    

God does work in mysterious ways…….

I don’t have a great following ,,, it shocks me to see that I  have had  any views at all.    

But it is personal things that I have  shared.     Not really any  organization on  any particular order or subject matter. 

Just words thrown as seeds in the wind…..  

I don’t have to say that these people have it wrong,,,  , and especially my own understanding  is judged as delusional…..

I will never say that I know what it means …… 

It depends on the version of the Bible you read.    

The subject’s that is in the Holy writings of the Bible  has been changed in the past 100 years. 

I search out the old versions found at yard sales and packed up in boxes of stuff that belonged to the grand parents  ,    . Boxes that come out to be disposed of by   great grand children and distant relatives.   

Torn covers and loose pages  with pen marks of personal  notes  .  

Scriptures that speak of dragons and unicorns,,,,,,,  crocodiles and whales,,,,,

Omitted from modern versions..  

“No one notices or even bothers to compare ,,    the words that belong together and now no longer there”

Seems to be irrelevant to the world now   ,  it is stuck like a record and repeats itself over and over again until now ,    the focus is on the new.. ,,    but I search out the old… 

The story of Eve……  and the first lie ever told,,,,,,,,  even to this very day ,    it is told from generation to generation,,,, and  the whole world is deceived.  …….   surely you shall not die,,,,,,  

And I know that there is no one else but you ,    ,,,   that is still here with me,,,      so I continue on  ,,, and it began with Adam and Eve 


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