Scriptures for  a surrendering soul…..

¶ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. – Proverbs 1:7

To take the time to say that this scripture that I have shared will be used to describe how the world does not  receive any thing I say is the way, 
I do not know what to say is the way. Do you?    Many people have been so busy with teaching,    but are never taught. Especially myself.   I don’t think I can get such wisdom.      Not would I try to be a teacher.    ….. but it goes unseen.   

I go back to read my own works and most of it is unfinished.,,   but it is written by my hand,    it is by no means a great prophecy to claim that I have a mind to know such things that belong to only God.    

I have no clue  to the will of God, not do I need to be confirmed or denied by man.   I don’t seek to be applauded , not do I   put my self to be  in useless debate. I just declare that I don’t know what is truth outside my own heart,    

There is a  great honor to have love for the one who has created my life and the world  is  blinded by the veil ,    unable to know that fear and love and  be accountable for their own works.   As I will be judged by my God ,       my Heavenly Father,      to him only do I pray ,   I don’t seek to be garnished with a home or debt relief,  not do I ask for forgiveness of my sins.    ……. but I do have sins and desires of my flesh,   as I also have understanding of how to be kind and generous with what I have in abundance.    …..     I have no knowledge and understanding of your own place.    But I know what offends my God,   for he has shown me the words and it is clearly written.  
Just as you will  know what it is written for your own heart.      

I write this down with one heart in mind , but it may be for another.  This is my service and my offering to honor God for  he is God . My Heavenly Father,       for me there is no other.     

I will not   bring his being to be like my flesh.   For me there is nothing can contain his glory,     for me God is the very air I breathe.  .     There is nowhere he cannot be seen.       Not with my eyes but the life of my soul he gave to you and me. .   
I feel so unworthy ,  but I accept that seed.      The seed in these words  few will ever  read ,      

Yes I fear the  anger of offending God,

 To fail him  by fearing  to go out into the world.   

 to be a guiding light on  those who need a sign .      Such a small task.

    to never seek ,  but always find.    The one who God has chosen to be his own.      

Even though it may  be for another day.    You remember the wisdom of my words blessed by God,  the truth is that love you read within these words,      your answers  have been written by your very own hand , in your own words you will begin to understand.       Read what you have written by your own hands. 


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