Man of many Books

I’ve been shown who you are.   Not really who you are but what you have been doing

You have filled many books and I have not heard of you.   

How righteous you see yourself with vanity and pride.  

My God said to my heart , …. I will send them to you,    you must speak  these things to them…. for they are innocent till this is made known to them,    or their blood will be on  your hands …..

Many years and even today I seek the Lord my God,   I love the Lord my God,  and I have no other gods before him,     there is nothing equal to or above the Lord my God,   he is my Heavenly Father,   there is no mediator between us. There is no Savior but the one who created me,     

May my life be testimony and  be truthful and obedient to serve as I am greatly humbled to  be so loved and  the light of God has been with me,  
I feel the darkness that surrounds me   as I speak these things,   I feel the hate of my enemy ,  I want to run in fear,    and many times I have,,  but God still  preserves my life,    

A man of many books  has been gathered to me,     God bless my words,    let them see.  ….

I am accountable for my own words and I will be judged by God,   

The wrath of God  is my fear,    I don’t think I have a great knowledge that is above all the world,   I know I have no understanding of what is the will of God,  

But I have obedience to declare the truth in my heart,    I choose to serve God,     I an rejected by the world, as I reject the world. 

The world teaches a  great deception . But I choose to serve God. 


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