I don’t know who said this ……

This is something that someone else posted from a well known author of his ,,,   

but it is truth about the whole world as it is today.        There is a false sense of security in the world about being saved and righteous vanity in themselves. 
To think that they ate right and I am wrong.   
How could I be wrong when I claim no knowledge?  

What is so amazing on this earth  that it is believed to be a God?  Who has preformed signs and wonders and took the form of an angel of light ?  

Have you seen?   Could it be that Satan has been so long preparing the world to see his return?  To mislead the world and use the death of Jesus and twist his teachings in the hearts of man?

The great deception is real.    ? What does the world expect?     Do they really think that they are not going to be judged?    

There is no fear of the God who created their soul.   Who can destroy your soul? I’d say the one who created me. 

Satan has been lying to us since Adam and Eve were so easily  deceived.   God allows this as it is written ,   but this time we are not unaware of the consequences.   But many are blinded by the deception.  Even I can’t say that I have knowledge that is truth


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