For my Holly Lolly, When you have fear.

You are a child of God. So you must prepare for the truth and the word will be hidden in your heart.

I am responsible for your soul and  I will comfort you.  

God bless my words to truth and  guide my right hand,   see not my left  hand and  guard my foot.  Do not let my own thoughts be distracted by the evil one,  for he is  invisible, the  serpent spirit, 

Holly the battle is real.  How can you fight with something you can not see?

Take comfort from me.   You are not alone.  Take notice in the stillness of the night watch ,  for the in  darkness of the night is when you are totally alone and the word out God will teach you. 

Be careful to listen and obey the Lord thy God,  for you will be able to know the difference, you can not be deceived by parables you read.   Question the spirits and prophets who speak with you.   And fear is the beginning of knowledge of the Heavenly Father’s presence in your life.

Yes the prophets of old are speaking to you and they were so obedient to the one that created them.  They had faith. 

 you will be set on trial  by the enemy and faith to not fear is not easy   .  But I call upon God, my Heavenly Father, and yours ,   to set his Angels to block the doorways. , to be on guard when you are being attacked and pursued. 

When you search for the word of God , he will try to distract you. You will run in circles and find nowhere to hide.  He will challenge you by your inequities and remember that even I have sins , fleshly weakness  but it’s your heart that that is known by The Lord God,  for he hears his chosen children .

Yes you are chosen by God to be his. This is scary but it is true  . In all the family and friends, we are only two,  but you remember this to teach the one who is to come after you. 

Even if it is someone who’s not known to you.   We cling to the written word for comfort and peace.  

I don’t claim to have knowledge of what is the mind of God. And no one else can say they do,  vanity is pride in the hearts of the foolish  . 

The seeds are sown in the world and you are still so young,  your walk in the wilderness has just begun.

(  Lol poetic)

Yes I got jokes  .   But laughing at yourself is OK.     .  

You are my sister ,  not just my sisters child, but as jaimie is your sister,  so am I.  

God is our Heavenly Father,   to only him you are to pray. There is only one, there is no other god  on earth or in all the heavens equal or above his name. 

This is where my wisdom ends and my obedience begins  .    

This is where the enemy brings you to battle, to steal the words of my heart,  the seed ‘s of the overwhelming power of the word of God is  what I am sewing in you.   That’s  the love of God that protects you,    the enemy will be there when you feed from the fruits I have sewn.   God confirms that what is true.  

The seeds are sown and the word is written by faith and obedience,   from those who we have not Known,  there is no mystery for  you.,    listen to them for just as you know my voice ,  you know that unmistakable and indescribable voice of the Heavenly Father,  the living word of the living  God.   I will always be with you.