Personal references to my own place and faith   

 What profiteth the image? for the maker therefore hath made it an image, and a teacher of lies, though he that made it, trust therein, when he maketh dumb idols. Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake, and to the dumb stone, Rise up, it shall teach thee: behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath in it. But the Lord is in his holy Temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. – Habakkuk 2:18-20

Saved for my own personal   study  .

I know that I can not have a great knowledge or understanding of such things that are of the mind of God    

But it brings me fear and a great respect for the Heavenly Father’s will. Even though I will not be able to comprehend his great power and authority.   . 


My Note from Bible Gateway

This is where I can get the deep feeling of authority and the feat of my Heavenly Father.

God is so powerful in the written word.

But I can see how much the world can take this chapter all of it., start to finish and come out of it only thinking of Jesus. And not the reasoning behind the death , really who is so wise to be educated on such things.?

I feel fear of seeing the written word,so long before the events description could be compared to the crucifixion of Christ. .

And it is written . Written by the obedience of those chosen to be scribes. To be without doubt that it is alive in the hearts of all the chosen people who are to receive it and preserve the books. And carry on with the knowledge that confounded many who have vanity and pride.

No matter how much man tried to destroy the works , and add to and take away from, there was one that was chosen to be responsible for the truth and the word as it was written.

Knowledge is given by the way of our fathers house. But it is all Knowledge without wisdom of the memorized scriptures and written law that is covered with a Heavenly veil.

These are my personal thoughts on these powerful scriptures. . I don’t understand why I am so divided from the world. But I acknowledge the truth is in our own hearts.

To be without doubt that God loves me and my lack of education from man is not the point.

To serve God with my heart and soul and be good to others who have less than me. And help those who don’t ask .

To not ask for forgiveness but guidance.
To not say a vow to bargain for peace or health , even when it’s my own child who is suffering in this world. But to trust him to be my God. And love him as he has prepared the way. He has laid his laws upon our hearts and souls.

So there is no mediator to the knowledge of the God that is known to us from the beginning of our lives. There is no doubt about it. And who can teach us more than he who has created us and his breath is the very life given to us. And his word is alive , for he is a living God, and I will serve him while I am living for in my death it will be too late.

Dear Heavenly Father

Things I only knew in the innocence of my youth  ……

Are things that are still in my heart as truth.  . 

I wonder what I am to say ?  I go in a totally different way.  
I love my God and fear the day,     my fear is of the power ,  my mind can not explain.  

Knowledge is not with me but I can testify . Of my love for God,  my heart can not lie,  
So in my life I can only say I testify until my during day. I love my God my own way. 

My own understanding   is not knowledge of the understanding that is not understood…… 

I won’t be offended if you don’t  like the way I feel in my heart.   
I don’t teach in my works to guide others to see the things I see.    

I ask questions and I have been judged by man as delusional and even blasphemous for my own testimony and I declare that I have  one God. 

I am responsible for my works and the Heavenly Father will be my  judge. 
I don’t understand why I am so blessed to have a personal love from  God. 

To feel his presence in my heart and soul. 
If I am delusional then so be it.  It’s a wonderful state to have a simple thought that I am loved and known by name by such a great and mighty creator of my life. 

  I call upon God to be with us and I ask for  guidance to be without deceit from my own  understanding. 

My search for understanding

I don’t understand the concept of the  worship of the cross and the  belief that Jesus is the only way to know God.  
Jesus , to me , has already been sacrificed for this purpose,   in my own testimony to you , this is how I feel.  
I don’t pray to God in the name of Jesus.  

I don’t really pray for things , or health, etc…

 But I have fallen to the ground as dead with my face to the floor with thanks and tears from my very soul. 
Just to honor the one who created me. To be obedient to my faith in  praising only God, my Heavenly Father , above all else, I put nothing before him,  I don’t know what is equal to him as my God. ,    
Yes it is not acceptable to the world for me to say that I have this personal level of respect for God.  To accept that I have no knowledge nor wisdom to know if I am wrong and the world is right. 
Only my simple faith in God.   

The only thing that has brought me doubt and fear is the teachings of man. 

Jesus is my witness…..

Do you feel like I’m not on the right path? Do you feel like I am  totally ignorant and I am lost in my own interpretation of the scriptures that are chosen to be unquestionably believed to me? Scriptures that are plainly written by the obedience of those chosen for the task of the preservation of the word ?

 I know that your opinion on the way to reach the kingdom of heaven is not like that of my own. 

I don’t expect to see the kingdom of heaven because I don’t” think”  that my soul is to be what was created to be in the heavens.     

These are my personal thoughts and feelings and I would like to hear from you in your own place of understanding.

I have lots of curiosity about the ones who have reached such a confident  comfort in knowing that they are able to explain to the world the simplicity of  scriptures that they have a great understanding of more than anyone. 

The knowledge that the whole world searches to receive. Wisdom is not  given by all knowledge.   

Knowledge is not with me in all the  wisdom that is mine. 

My wisdom is foolishness to the great knowledge of man.  

My wisdom is knowledge of the fact that I have no knowledge.  

Just a confident comfort in knowing that indescribable and unmistakable voice in my heart.   

As for the world ,  many say I am not wise nor will I be able to receive the Father without me the son.   

But I say the son died for that reason . 

The son died so I can know the Heavenly Father.    And in my heart and soul I have one God , and to him I give my honor and glory and praise,   I give him my life that was given to me by his breath.     That is my way.   And I believe everyone is different and unique.   

I don’t understand everything as the world seems to.  

I don’t even try to. So I embrace my own confusion and return to a child like state of acceptance of my God ,  and serve the creator of the world.    For the simple fact that I don’t understand anything else.     

And that is understandably not understood.    



Lead my way Dear Heavenly Father lead me away . That is what I prayed today….

Holly are you following the links? Don’t let  the  sites   block you.    Search for me with the words I sew ,     my life is  in the hands  of God,   but my death  will come  when it is my time.     However when   one thing ends  , something new begins ,     the seed must be strong enough to grow. No matter where it is thrown may the wind carry the seed to find the perfect ground  .   Where it will be nourished and the word be found worthy to feed your soul with the life of the living word of the living God.  
Many will search. Fee will find . 
It’s in your heart and not your mind . 

Written by  me ,,  preserved by you …..HOLLY

Holly  this is where I started to feel the urgency to speak  .  It humbles me to do this for myself as well as  you. 

Most importantly the service of my hands, 

 Hands that   stole the gold and silver of the house of idols,    

I called upon the Heavenly Father to bless my right hand and see not my left. 

To guide me in truth and  judge me for the truth in my heart and soul . 

Yes I do have fleshly weakness,  but it is not with evil intentions. 

I was warned to not be tempted to return to the house of idols lest I be destroyed. 

I seen no problem with the theft in the church  just loose money laid out on the statues and the alters , for It is an abomination  to serve the idols. 

At first it was a blessing to be able to get cash for food , gas ,and of course, something to keep me drunk, but not on the wine. , 

It was a blessing to see the lesson that I was  being prepared to receive. 

Obedience is non negotiable when God makes it clear to understand that what is commanded to  do or to not do. 

Even when it’s a command that you seem to be the only one who can see it as wrong. . 

There are many teachers and  I am responsible for my work and I am accountable for   your soul. 

Holly I had to pause and Run around in circles and I have literally torn my clothes and found nowhere to escape from the invisible serpent .  .   Such an enemy is desperately trying to steal  my words. 

I don’t know what he has planned for you, but be sober and aware   .  In the silence of the night watch when you are being  moved to preserve your own books of remembrance..  

Not for the memories of my life but the  warnings of my life and my obedience or lack of,    to be able to receive your own place and the Heavenly Father’s presence will be your  guide   . 

To make sure your children and grandchildren , of yours or your sisters and brothers wherever the word will  already be on their hearts  

I am not a prisoner nor is this a burden. 

This is my tithes, my works are my offering to God . Not for a blessing upon myself, not for a favor  or  protection from a  fatal tragedy , or the evil that is in the hearts of man  .  

But a  service that I can do to be thankful and honor God, for the life I have been so blessed to have.  To be able to know that unmistakable and indescribable voice in my heart. . 

To be obedient and receive the mercy on my human weaknesses of fear that the enemy brings me. 

But the truth is that I fear offending God, more than I do the bite that the invisible serpent threatens from behind me. 

Yes I do have fear of the overwhelming feeling of being helpless when the battle is upon me. To keep the seed and the word hidden away from the enemy is a great  victory for me. Today I have been saved , once again to  fight for you to receive the truth in your heart.  Not my truth , but the truth and the understanding that is given to you ,  may God accept and bless my words to truth and let no deceit be seen written by my hand.    

Let the Heavenly Father guide you.  

May all the angels of God surrounding me and my house , bring you protection from the enemy.  May they stand in the doorways and  guard the seed I sew into your heart  . 

Surely you shall not die….the first lie ever told pt1…

Deceit from the beginning and the first lie ever told.  

When I talk with you  and few others that stumble upon this , I keep in mind that one will have a clean slate.  Or gaps between the lessons. 

If you have  erased the chalkboard and returned to the beginning, then you must be aware of  something that is missing from the knowledge that you have been given. 

Do I have knowledge? No

Do I have answers?  No.

But I did have questions about my own interpretation because who is wise as God,? 

Not sure yet what I want to sew in this case.

But I am humble to be obedient to fulfill my heart and my desires to counsel with you on my own journey.   

Am I appointed to be without flaw? No

I put away the things I don’t understand, 

I go back to the beginning and the first lie ever told.  

Surely you shall not die. 

You will be wise and know what is not known.     

Shame . Fear .  Hate. 

Disobedience and consequences.  . 

Then begins the laws and statutes . 

If you don’t feel the presence in the word, then you must be most wise and know that you are not accountable for yourself and follow the one who saves you from judgement and after   death you will have eternal life.

Then you can’t be bothered with me and my faith in God  .

I’ll be back.   This is where the battle begins.   

Bring me your knowledge…  Heavenly Father hear my heart…..

I had questions…..

Who can teach me, if not God?  

Who can say that knowledge is given to them above all the world? 

 How rejected I have been . 

You pray for me to receive guidance of the way you see me in error .

Error is seen by man , you see error  in my heart  ,  

error in your eyes say to   pray so I can believe  what you  have heard of the truth . 

I don’t understand the blindness , the boldness and refusal to hear  ..

In kindness , you pray for me? 

I have forsaken the whole world to be obedient to fulfill my inner desire to serve God,  

There are no words to describe how much I searched for the truth,  just for a bit of understanding of why  I was  different from other people, 

Then I can say that I accept that I  will never get a mind to understand the concept of the Heavenly Father’s will or plan ,  

who can say that  they have a true and correct answer to my faith? 

Not even I can say right or wrong way. 

So I have to go into the world and declare that I have been so loved and saved by my God.  

My Heavenly Father I can not escape from judgement.   

I will not fear that I am responsible for my work.  

I do not teach them how to make idols and pray in vain. 

I send back all those who  God sends to hear me.  I send you back to the one who created you.   

I have no idea where  you are going , or what you are searching for in the hearts of the people, 

But I do have questions, I am accountable for the works of my hands and I don’t know any other way to God, 

But to  accept that God is sovereign. God is with us, God is our savior and judge. 

The first commandment  is not forgotten by me .  

To fear the wrath of God to destroy my soul,  to  dust my flesh will perish in the grave, my life is the breath of God, my very soul  .  

To the Heavenly Father I pray  . He knows my name. There is no mediator between us  .  

To choose from religious tradition, that is acceptable to the world. , or God. 

With the questions that I have written  find the right scriptures that are chosen to be unquestionably  believed to have the answer. 

Keep reading the first and last words of the whole chapter  in context.   

It is not unimportant things to read. 

The scriptures are the tares ,  the testimonies are the seed. 

Acceptance of what you hear,  knowledge is given by what you read  .

It is written plainly, if you choose to see.   

The choice is yours and you are now alone in this trial. 

Ministering spirits will be there, to whisper doubt in your mind  . 

I don’t understand the concept of the Heavenly hosts , it brings me down to fear.    For I am not with knowledge of such things  , 

I declare the one true God I have loved and known  his voice in my heart.  

I will not be the best example of the righteous and  pure.  But I do have love for the creation of the world and the beautiful things,  though there is hate in the hearts of man,   I will not waste  this day,   I honor God with the words I say to you. 

So I have this question to ask you,   do you feel like God is calling for you?    

Don’t answer me this is a choice  you have to make. 

The  world or  the Lord thy God  ,? the way of man, the promise of everlasting life and resurrection? Or God?

Who will you bow down to pray  . ? Do you have a golden calf, or the stump of the tree?

The statue of the woman who  stands upon the snake?

Such a blasphemous testimony  is the judgement of man on me. 

But I will testify to God  these words I have in me.   These are the choices that I can see.  

God is my first and  last . My one and only. 

Knowledge is not in me to worship  with the world and the. Images are obscene to me. 

I don’t reject the testimony  that Jesus shown to me.   it is the parables written that  the world   foolishly will teach  . . 

 So I will go back to the beginning, and remember the first lie  ever told   . 

Oh Father , I am weak, the enemy bites at my back…..

The invisible serpent spirit that has placed itself upon on my back.  

Delusional is how  many of  you may judge me by my words , written by me in the world in my lifetime  

That’s OK.   For my work and the word of my heart is for the children that are chosen to go after me.  

 Yes it is God who has gone before me ,  and also you,  may god bless my words to truth and let no deceit be written by my hands. 

So many will see what I have written but have no understanding of what I write. 

But you remember the promise of The Lord thy God , and understanding is with you. 

The evil one will not steal it from your heart.  I fight with my own testimony to be obedient and sew the word in the world.  

Not for the world to accept but for you to receive. There it will take root and grow stronger than you,as well as I, will never really understand what we have been given .

One small seed that is where the battle begins    . And with my death it will not end.   It grows hidden away in your heart and soul.  So even as I sew the enemy fades away behind me. 

Waiting on you to battle with the truth in your heart. 

We all hear that same thing,” 

(do not fear)

But it is not lack of faith when you fear that wich you can not see

 its just human .  So you who is still with me understand, and hear,   God is with us ,   take comfort from my seed  .

The evil will recede away.   Life is is the words that we pray when we see the light turn darkness to day.  


You are the youngest of my sisters children  yet you are so wise.

Such tragedy to overcome a world without disguise.

The seed was sewn deep in your heart .

 my sisters soul did not depart. 

The love that lives within  

 the God given life , not yet to end  ,

it is the seed of my sister’s heart. 

The promise of God  ,   is in the seed. 

The harvest is the love  she knew your soul would need. 

I love you